National Prescription Drug Take Back Day – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska 2021-10-24 11:24:47 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — Throughout the country, including Omaha, people are throwing away prescription drugs they don’t want to use or have expired.

The National Prescription Drug Take Back Day aims to eliminate the threat posed by these drugs. Omaha has provided people with 22 drop-off sites for unwanted prescriptions. The Drug Enforcement Department wants to fight national and local crises.

“We’ve seen prescription drug issues across the country. It’s certainly not limited to Omaha, but it’s what we’ve seen in our city,” said Emily Murray of the Drug Enforcement Agency. rice field. “We know that in addition to prescription drugs and the associated overdose and abuse, counterfeit tablets are also on the rise, which poses a serious threat.”

Takeback Day operates on approximately 4000 sites nationwide.

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