National-ranked CCU football defeated Georgia Southern 28-14 to 5-0. – Florence, South Carolina

Florence, South Carolina 2020-10-24 17:47:03 –

Conway, South Carolina – The nationally ranked No. 24/25 Coastal Carolina Shanti Clears scored twice in the fourth quarter, keeping the country’s fourth-placed rush offense to just 119 rushyards and three pass touchdowns from the junior quarterback. I got it. Fred Peyton Defeated the Georgia Southern Eagles 28-14 in a match at the Sunbelt East Division at Brooks Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

Coastal has been 5-0 to start the season for the first time since 2015, the fourth in the history of the program (2013, 2014, 2015).

Five consecutive victories are the most consecutive chant wins of the season in the program’s young FBS history.

CCU’s 3-0 start in conference play is the best since joining Sunbelt in 2017, with Chants winning more than two games in Sunbelt Conference Play in one season during his youthful tenure in the league program. This is the first time for me.

Coastal outperformed the Eagles 382 to 218 in total attack yards, with 130 on the ground and 252 in the air.

Despite the slow scratch starting the quarterback Grayson McCall Due to an injury, Chants’ attack continued to move the ball as Peyton was 252 yards, two interceptions, and three touchdowns in the pass game, 15/28. His three touchdowns tied the best set of his career at ULM (November 23rd) last season.

Chant ran 128 yards in the second half and 85 yards in the fourth quarter after being held down to a two-yard rush yard in the first half. Shell Mari Jones Leading the back committee with 5 carries at 44 yards, Wreath White Added 23 yards in the fourth quarter with a touchdown run that seals three carries and the game.

Wide out Jaivon Heiligh He recorded his second straight 100-yard receive game and caught 5 passes at 107 yards. CJ MarablePacked on the ground, there were four catches and touchdowns at 38 yards.Red shirt senior Sam Denmark He caught only once, but with a 72-yard touchdown grab, it was the longest in his career.

The Eagles rush attack was led by JD King (15 carry, 67 yards, TD) and quarterback Shiwarts (16 carry, 78 yards), but the other Eagles haven’t rushed more than 7 yards for the game. was.

Wurts was seven-twentieth with 94 yards and two intercepts, and was fired four times in the backfield by coastal defense.

The “Black Swarm” defense suppressed the Eagles’ running attack and reduced triple option attacks to just 119 rush yards. This is well below the average of 281.3 per game of the season.

The defense was also 6.0 tackles total, including 4.0 sack, and there were two intercepts through the cornerback. D’Jordan Strong..

Linebacker Teddy Gallagher Both led with 10 tackles Alex Spirit And Silas Kelly Each finished with 8 stops.Linebacker Enoch Maconzo Veterans were forced to have 6 tackles, 2.0 sack, 2.0 tackle foros, and fumble Talon Jackson And Myles Olufemi Added 0.5 sack and 2.0 tackle respectively.

The Georgia Southern defense recorded 9.0 tackles and 3.0 sack, chose two passes and suppressed coastal attacks in two rush yards in the first half.

Chant scoreboarded in a big way first, as Peyton connected to the vast Denmark in the middle of the field and set home with a 72-yard touchdown pass and catch, with only two plays in the second attack series. I got on. In the first quarter, it topped the list with just over 7 minutes.

The CCU defense was in a great position to add the chant to the lead with a strong intercept on the next GS-owned Eagles 25-yard line, but just by looking at the GS Pickoff Payton in the first play of the chant’s drive. At 6:15 pm, return the ball to the Eagles and proceed to the opening quarter.

Following the GS punt, the chants were forced to punt deep from their territory. Charles Uberson A 51-yard punt boomed from his end zone, but Eagles’ Wesley Kennedy III caught the ball on the GS 40-yard line, returned 60 yards and drew 7-7 with 57 seconds remaining. It was. First quarter.

After the two teams exchanged punts and started the second quarter, the coastal attack used another big pass spray.This time with a 54 yard pass from Peyton to Hailey, set a 2 yard pass from Peyton Cameron brown After 4 plays, return the lead to the chant 14-7. Massimo Biscardi Extra points.

The Eagles took advantage of their second intercept (this time from the Derrick Canteen) to start the 46-yard line at 1:31, and when they were halfway through, the first half wasn’t fast enough for Chanticleer.

The Eagles overcame the First Down Sack and landed 3-7 on the Coastal 5-yard line with a 32-yard pass from Wurts to Mali Kumarley. After one play, King rushed in from a distance of 5 yards, drawing the match 14-14 and entering a half-time break.

Two defenses dominated the third quarter. Neither attack reached 100 yards of total attacks, forcing each to punt twice in 15 minutes of play to maintain a score of 14-14 into the final quarter.

Chant started the fourth quarter on the Georgia Southern 45-yard line and soon took the first down with a 13-yard rush by Peyton, placing Chant on the GS32-yard line.

After dropping the ball to the Eagles’ 19-yard line, the CCU hurriedly scored no points, the pass was incomplete, the game penalty was delayed, and the pass was incomplete, ending the drive and scoring a 41-yard field goal. The attempt spread widely to the left. Upright to keep the score drawn 14-14.

The “Black Swarm” defense has grown again on the next GS Attack Drive. Chant forced 3 outs and used a 32 yard punt to take over the 37 yard line.

The offense then used Jones’ feet for 28 yards with two carries and Marable for the next 11 yards with a back-to-back handoff, after which Peyton jumped into the air and found a 24-yard streak marable in the middle of the field. .. Join the game with a score and a lead of 21-14, 8:53.

After another three outstops by coastal defense, Hailey returned the Eagles’ 46-yard punt to the Georgia Southern 20-yard line, with White setting a 20-yard touchdown in his first play. An aggressive series that raises chants by 2 scores 28-14.

Coastal runs out of time for a double-digit win, just over 17 yards beyond Eagles’ next two possessions.

Chant held a slight 32:17 to 27:43 advantage and possession time, holding the GS 2-12 on the third down and 0-1 on the fourth down.

Coastal (4-0, 3-0 Sun Belt) will continue to play the Sun Belt East Division in Georgia next Saturday, October 24, with a kick-off at noon ET in Atlanta, Georgia. The game will be broadcast nationwide on ESPNU. ..


Coastal will be 5-0 to start the season for the first time since 2015, the fourth in the history of the program (2013, 2014, and 2015).

Five consecutive victories are the most consecutive victories for a chant in a season in the program’s young FBS history.

CCU’s 3-0 start in conference play is the best since joining Sunbelt in 2017, with Chants winning more than two games in Sunbelt Conference Play during his youthful tenure in the league program. Is the first time.

The 72-yard scoring play from Fred Peyton to Sam Denmark was the longest this season and the 29th longest tie in program history.

CJ Marable was carried on the Shanti Clears 25 straight game pass.

Jaivon Heiligh has recorded at least one pass in 20 straight games dating back to 2018.

Fred Peyton’s three touchdown passes matched his best set of careers at ULM (November 23, 2019) last season.

D’Jordan Strong intercepted twice in the same game. This is the first chant since Chandraklist won two passes in Kansas last season (September 7, 2019).

Courtesy – Coastal Carolina Athletics

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