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Music education students at UNO Music School can celebrate the bright future ahead of them – National Association of Music Educators (NAfME) did so when he praised the UNONAfME chapter in the 2022 NAfME Collegiate Chapter of Excellence Recognition for Professional Development!

NAfME Collegiate Chapter of Excellence Recognition for Professional Development

This award is a testament to the efforts and dedication of the branch to promote music education throughout the 2021-202 academic year.

Teacher sponsor Dr. Katrina CoxStates: “Our branch was led by a team of excellent executives and provided a very balanced and active schedule of opportunities for professional development of members of the organization and the UNO community. They are various managers, We invite teachers and community leaders to interact with students, build relationships, build communities and share experiences. This is an incredible honor. “

This national award is Nebraska Music Educators Association (NMEA) This November.

Currently, the UNO NAfME chapter has 25 members, led by President Aida Soria, Vice President Lydia Kirkland, Treasurer Dakotavalle, Secretary Jill Garbin, and Social Media / Promotion Manager Andy Rodriguez.

Soria also received the 2022 NAfME Collegiate Professional Achievement Award. Soria is a senior keyboard / instrumental music education student, she was appointed to the NMEA DEIA Commission at the state level, and a few months ago she began serving the NAfME Equity Commission at the national level.

NAfME Collegiate Professional Achievement Award

Soria was nominated for this award by music school faculty and students who quoted her diligence, motivation and credibility. Branch members elected her to be president by the end of the second year, and she has been in that position for the past two years. Soria and her fellow officers have created a weekly event to help members avoid fragmentation and promote social interaction during the pandemic quarantine. “Aida Soria has a heart and tenacity,” the letter says. “Our branch and music education program has prospered in part thanks to her vision and leadership .. Her personality, leadership skills, and continued pursuit of progress read about her success. Stimulates. “

In November 2021, this chapter was awarded the University Achievement Award for its continued work and service by the Nebraska Association of Music Educators. Their lively event schedule is open to all students, including inviting professors, local teachers, managers, and business owners to share their experiences and expertise.

This chapter focuses on topics of high student interest, such as diversity, equity, inclusion, access (DEIA), classroom teacher voice health, and how to become a substitute teacher.

The award will be presented in the 2022 Parliament later this year.

About NAfME

The National Association for Music Educators (NAfME) is one of the largest arts organizations in the world and has been active in professional development and advocacy for over 100 years. It is often identified as the leading comprehensive music education institution for American teachers and has over 50,000 active memberships.

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