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National School Bus Safety Week is underway for CCSD students – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-10-21 16:13:41 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — Thousands of Las Vegas students go to school by bus each week.

As part of National School Bus Safety Week, Clark County School District broke the rules for young students and realized what they should and shouldn’t do when they arrive at school.

Learning simple rules about school bus safety can save the lives of many children.

CCSD Transit used the “Danger Zone” example to drive the road safety home issue for Rex Bell Elementary students. This is the area directly around the bus, including directly in front of, behind, or on both sides of the bus.

The Director of Transport of CCSD Jennifer Vobis states that there are some rules that students must follow, which could potentially save their lives.

“When the bus stops, don’t stand on the street. Get to the bus stop early so you don’t miss the bus. Don’t pass in front of or behind the bus. When you’re on the bus , Be sure to follow the safety rules of not eating on the bus, staying in your seat, and making sure your legs and arms are not in the aisle. “

CCSD road safety authorities have more rules to enforce than ever before.

In the COVID-19 era, school bus safety protocols look a little different than they were two years ago.

Students are advised to keep their social distance while wearing masks while on the bus.

It is important for both students and parents to be aware of potential threats such as stranger danger, traffic safety and proper bus loading and unloading.

Rex Bell Elementary students were demonstrated by the bus safety mascot “Burney”.

By using visual tools like “Burney”, authorities broke bus safety rules and made it easier for toddlers to understand.

As an important part of National School Bus Safety Awareness Week, CCSD encourages parents to continue educating their children at home to ensure that all valley students arrive safely at their destinations. ..

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