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The latest unemployment rate in Nebraska was 1.9%. This is the lowest level ever for Nebraska and is currently the lowest in the country, the lowest ever in any state.

A new, forward-looking survey predicts that Nebraska’s unemployment rate will be even lower in five years, at 1.8%, the second lowest unemployment rate in the country.

The research Lensa, an online job search and job site, looked at the unemployment rates in each state over the last decade and came up with trajectories and forecasts of where most people are most likely to be unemployed in 2027. ..

Nebraska has partnered with Alabama for the second lowest unemployment rate in the state. According to Lensa’s analysis, Alabama saw the largest average annual decline in the 10 years reviewed. Nebraska’s unemployment rate also generally declined, but said there were some uptrends.

“The historic unemployment rate in Nebraska is low because of the large number of important jobs in industries such as agriculture and the low population and less competition for jobs,” the study said. ..

A historic streak for employment in Nebraska

Utah reports that the unemployment rate is steadily declining, so the projected unemployment rate is the lowest at 1.4%. According to the survey, the decline “may be the result of the rapid expansion of Utah’s workforce in response to the slow increase in job creation.”

Lensa also predicted that Hawaii, New York and New Mexico would have the highest unemployment rates of 7.7%, 7.5% and 7%, respectively, over a five-year period.

Nebraska Ministry of Labor report Earlier this month, the state’s May provisional seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 1.9%. This was unchanged from the previous month, down from 2.5% in May 2021.

Nationally, the seasonally adjusted rate for May was 3.6%, unchanged from the previous month, down from 5.8% in May 2021.

“Historically high employment levels have been seen in Nebraska for 11 consecutive months,” said John Alvin of the State Labor Relations Commission.

He said more than one million Nebraskas have been employed since August 2020. The number of employees and unemployed is based on a Census Bureau survey. Those who claim and do not claim unemployment allowance can be counted as unemployed based on the survey responses.

Those who are not working or seeking a job are not considered part of the workforce and are not included in the unemployment rate calculation.

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National study predicts Nebraska’s future unemployment rate Source link National study predicts Nebraska’s future unemployment rate

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