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Nationwide network aims to connect women veterans to one another – Kansas City, Missouri

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Orlando, Florida — For Valerie Tutt Harvey, her service in the US Navy feels like a lifetime.

“I’m in the Dark Ages, so it wasn’t a brave navy,” she said. “It was a man’s navy,” Harvey said.

That’s what she sometimes rather forgets.

“In many cases I didn’t talk to the people who served,” she said.

But a few years after her service, she opened up and found a new community of women that was no different from her story.

“We are a very unique community within the community,” Harvey said.

It’s a community called WoVeN, an abbreviation for Women Veterans Network.. The idea came from Professor Taragarovsky and Professor Amy Street at Boston University five years ago.

“It’s really hard to find other female veterans after they’re away from service,” Garovsky said. “So what if they got together to meet each other and build a platform to connect and develop their comrades and troops that they really enjoyed during military service?”

That’s where WoVeN comes in. Currently, 4,000 women are strong and located in all states of the country, bringing together veterans of women into small groups to share their experiences and network with each other.

“One of the amazing things to see as part of a textile is how to bring together veterans from different disciplines,” says Street. “They served in all the different chapters and in all the different times, they are all of different ages.”

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, there are more than 2 million female veterans nationwide. They are the fastest growing group of veterans, accounting for only 4% of all veterans in 2000, but now 10%. The number of female veterans continues to grow and is expected to reach 18% by 2040.

WoVeN initially puts them together for 90 minutes a week for 8 weeks. Harvey remembers her first encounter.

“We sat down in the room with 16 other women. My first concept was that they are alpha women because we are veterans,” she said. I said with a laugh while remembering.

But she said she found a sister relationship that she didn’t know she was missing.

“It made me feel verified,” she said. “WoVeN proves that I am a female veteran.”

I feel like the founders of WoVeN say they’re watching it over and over again.

“They get together and find a sense of community with other women who share some of their life experiences,” Street said.

Harvey, who has grown from a WoVeN participant to a group leader, said she has found a place to share her connections with women who have a direct understanding of her experience.

“I’m here for you. You’re my sister. I’m your sister-and I can support you,” she said. “And you don’t know that, but you support me-and I’m certainly grateful for it.”

Nationwide network aims to connect women veterans to one another Source link Nationwide network aims to connect women veterans to one another

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