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Nationwide supply chain shortage impacts some Upstate school cafeterias; districts find solutions – Valley Stream, New York

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Pickens County, South Carolina (WSPA) – A nationwide supply chain shortage is affecting some upstate cafeterias as students prepare to return to school.

Some school districts, such as the Pickens County school district, state that national supply shortages are causing inventory problems for certain foods and offerings. However, the district said it is making adjustments to make everything work this year.

Dylan McCullough, Marketing & Communications Director at Anderson School District 3, said:

“We are definitely in short supply nationwide. It actually started last year. They could probably catch up a bit during the summer, but we just yesterday they did. I received an email saying that I expect the same shortage this year, “said Jennifer Pitt, director of student nutrition services in the school district, in Pickens County.

According to Pitt, there may be a shortage of disposables, paper plates, forks and spokes this year.

“Last year, we didn’t use dishwasher trays. We used disposable foam trays because the kids took their meals to the classroom. Forks and fork kits were forks. , Napkins, straws were already in the box, so they weren’t available at the end of the school year, so we got the bulk material individually and of our own people, napkins, and children. I just wrapped the straw for it, “said Pitt.

To preserve what they currently have, Pitt said they would start this year with plastic washable trays. Anderson School District 3 said it will continue to use hard trays this year.

“Currently, there is basically no supply of bento trays, and many factories are switching to takeaway boxes. And they are not returning to the production of disposable trays, so that demand. And the supply will also be ruined. So it looks like we’re using the hard plastic trays we have, but not all of our schools have them, so get a disposable tray. If you can’t, you may need to use bag lunches and their takeaway options, “says McCullough.

Anderson School Districts 5 and 3 said it was also difficult to secure poultry products such as chicken.

“This year, we can see that not many products are manufactured because there are not enough workers in the factory to produce products specializing in 12 lunch options from K. Therefore, many of these companies Has not been successful because the factory does not have the staff to run the line, “says McCullough.

“We have seen this. The most notable thing we have witnessed is that it is difficult to secure poultry products and canned fruit products. With some adjustments it US Foods, a vendor, was able to offer similar items as alternatives, “said Kyle Newton, Assistant Superintendent of Anderson School District 5.

“Currently, we plan to create menus using items as usual. US Foods is our distributor and they have a lot of products, so if we don’t have access to it, we Use what is usually called a bid, and stocks that can replace some items if they don’t have anything. Pitt said, “The problem that they don’t have chicken at all. If you come across, no one will be able to make chicken, but we don’t think we’ll reach that level. I think we’ll need to change the menu based on availability, “Pitt said. Stated.

“There are many other options. There aren’t many options on the menu. There aren’t many product variations, but there are still lunch options, but not so many,” McCullough said. ..

The district said it was working on the issue so there was no need to worry. The district said that all children would be fed for all meals this year.

“We feel like we’ve done well. It feels like we’ve been able to adjust and change the way menus and services are served. So in the event of a failure, my answer is not to stop. , Finding another way. And that’s our job. We find another way, “Pitt said. “Parents don’t have to worry because they provide their students with a healthy and nutritious diet every day of the school year.”

School officials in Pickens County also said they have breakfast and lunch items for parents who have students at home throughout the week.

All of the above districts will offer complimentary breakfast and lunch to all students this year.

Nationwide supply chain shortage impacts some Upstate school cafeterias; districts find solutions Source link Nationwide supply chain shortage impacts some Upstate school cafeterias; districts find solutions

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