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Wichita, Kansas 2021-09-13 13:15:05 –

Topeka, Kang (KSNT) – President Biden’s coronavirus orders big companies It is causing controversy among business people and lawmakers in Kansas.

On Friday, Alan Cobb, president and chief executive officer of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, told the Kansas State Capitol that the new requirement was the “extreme overkill” of the federal government. Drive some businesses to the state.

“They may lose employees with it. It creates a division between those who are vaccinated and those who are not, and ultimately the government gives them the operation and operation of their business. Here’s the principle that you shouldn’t teach how to do it, “cobb explained.

President Biden announced on Thursday a national obligation to apply the coronavirus vaccine to all companies with at least 100 workers, including civil servants as well as civil servants.

Governor Laura Kelly issued a statement on Friday praising the president’s move as the state awaits details of the plan.

“Since the first day of this pandemic, Governor Kelly has consistently done everything to keep Kansas family safe, school children, business open, and economic growth. This announcement will affect many Kansas, so we are waiting for additional guidance on what this plan means for the population. Before commenting on the details, the administration will consider it more thoroughly. In the meantime, the Kansas family can rest assured that the governor will continue to make decisions related to COVID-19 based on science rather than politics. “

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly

A few Republicans also oppose the new order.. The Kansas Republican leadership group referred to mandate as a form of “despotism” and issued the following statement:

“We are resentful that the Biden administration is pushing its agenda through fiat money. Executive order tyranny is not the way we govern in a free society. Senator Kansas Republican Will oppose this unconstitutional overkill by any means available. We support freedom and protect the rights of our citizens. “

Statement, Kansas Republican Leadership

Some groups have opposed state Republicans for disseminating false information about the coronavirus safety protocol as the state faces a surge in cases and hospitalizations. The Kansas Democrats called it a “coordinated attack” on science and vaccines.

Senator Kristen O’Shoy, R-Topeka, argued that Republicans were trying to protect people’s right to choice.

“I still think the best way to get people vaccinated is to educate them, encourage them, and not need them,” O’Shea said.

There is Legality questions Some argue that the government, which is moving to demand vaccines from private companies by the Biden administration, is overwhelming the power to protect the health and safety of the public.

However, some Democrats in the state have agreed with the president’s decision to take action.

“It is wrong to think that the Constitution gives the right to endanger the health of others by not being vaccinated and living in an irresponsible or dangerous way,” said John Carmichael of D-Wichita. Congressman Michael said.

Carmichael emphasized that the coronavirus pandemic was more “deadly” than other viruses in the past, and that the law always stipulates that the government can take the necessary actions during the pandemic period. He insisted and urged the government to “take action.” To protect public health, safety and welfare.

“If we leave 80 million unvaccinated Americans, the emergency room will overflow, the ICU will fill up, hospital beds will be distributed … it’s not the life we ​​all want to live in. . “

Nationwide vaccine mandate is ‘vast overreach’; Lawmakers weigh in Source link Nationwide vaccine mandate is ‘vast overreach’; Lawmakers weigh in

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