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Natura’s Fable vehicle invests in Perfumer H

Body shop Owner Natura & Co has announced Fable Investments. This is a vehicle established to support beauty, health and wellness companies with high growth potential, strong innovation and unique selling points. And its first investment is the Perfumer H business of British perfumer Lyn Harris.


This is a natural move for the company, which has expanded rapidly in recent years due to acquisitions. Aesop, The Body Shop, Avon Participate in the original Natura brand. This new project also reflects models found in other sectors such as fashion. In fashion, big names (such as H & M Group) fund promising SMEs and are heavily involved in ongoing development.

Investing in Natura’s chosen company will result in a small number of shares, and it’s unclear at this point if it wants to fully integrate the selected brand into the business empire in the long run. However, it is clear that the company wants to grow the business it invests in.

FFF story director Thomas BuisonNatura, Aesop’s GM in Europe, said she has grown from the original brand to the world’s fourth-largest pure cosmetology group in less than a decade.

He emphasized “a proven model that has succeeded in a premium, niche, purpose-oriented brand while respecting uniqueness and unique identity.”

And he said Lyn Harris was the founder, “embodying what we want from our investors.” The company aims to “grow her beautiful and unconventional perfumer H into a globally recognized brand.”

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Natura’s Fable vehicle invests in Perfumer H

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