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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2022-05-13 18:09:26 –

Lexington, Kentucky (LEX 18) — For new and promising parents, this lack of infant formula may seem like an unknown territory.

To get some answers, LEX 18 sat with a doctor at Axia / Lexington Women’s Health for a Q + A session.

LEX 18: “What are you telling your patients about how to prepare for a shortage of infant formula?”

Dr. Lauren Biben: “We are asking them to ask their pediatrician for recommendations for equivalent alternatives or to help find a prescription that may be a bit more complicated.”

LEX 18: “What should parents do if they can’t find the formula they need?”

Dr. Biben: “They definitely need to call the local pediatrician, the local health department. What they shouldn’t do is make their own formula or dilute the formula they already have. Also, in order to maintain supply to infants and children who still need infant formula, we ask patients who do not have infants to prophylactically stock up on infant formula. “

LEX 18: “Is there a home formula that people can make?”

Dr. Biben: “Absolutely not. No safe home prescriptions are known to meet the nutritional requirements of new babies. Professionally manufactured and regulated by FDA prescriptions are actually tried by people It’s a good idea to get one. “” “Baby can be malnourished and dehydrated and doesn’t have the same nutritional value as over-the-counter formulas.”

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