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Omaha, Nebraska 2021-05-24 23:23:04 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV)-Governor Pete Ricketts says state COVID related unemployment allowance program Provided by the federal government. It offers an additional $ 300 to those who apply for unemployment.

Nebraska Labor Relations Commissioner John Alvin said there were about 16,000 unemployment benefits last week, but their website has 39,000 jobs.

“The pandemic unemployment program was set up to handle unemployment outflows from the pandemic. The current unemployment rate is 2.8%, the lowest since September 2018,” Alvin said.

Alvin says it’s time to end these unemployment benefits because they were always intended to be temporary.

“51% of our petitioners receive more unemployed money than before. [when] “The intention of the unemployment program was not to create an alternative source of income for people, but to replace temporary unemployment,” Alvin said.

Michelle Tallant of Crown Services, an Omaha dispatching company, says he has a lot of open positions but can’t process orders.

“We are really trying to pull people into the door. We have some really great jobs with benefits and high salaries, and we just have more people calling, entering and applying. Fill out the form, interview us, and interview our clients. ”

Tarant says there are employment opportunities in every industry, from housekeeping to warehousing to customer service.

“Now, the client definitely says,’I used to pay $ 12 or $ 13 an hour, but I’m going to pay $ 15 or $ 16 an hour to get people here.'” I’m seeing it, “said Mr. Tarant.

Dave Wise, Senior Vice President of Business Banking at TSBank, said it was the perfect time for Nebraskas to become financially familiar.

“Think like a CFO. Is this purchase really important to me?” Wise said. “Is this what I need? What are the benefits of this?”

Wise says this is the most valuable lesson that can be learned after a pandemic.

“Good times don’t last forever, and bad times don’t last forever,” Wise said. “You really need to plan for both.”

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Navigating the working world post-pandemic Source link Navigating the working world post-pandemic

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