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NBA and Hype open in Carnaby, London

London’s Carnaby district is already a big attraction for sports / youth brands and has two more big wins for the landlord Shaftesbury. National Basketball Association (NBA) Lifestyle brand with the opening of its first UK-based store at Fauberts Place Hype We have a concept store near the entrance to Fauberts Place.

Carnaby NBA Store

Participate in the NBA (National Basketball Association), more than 100 retail brands in the region The first UK-based store was opened at Fauberts Place, and lifestyle brand Hype opened a concept store near the gateway to Fauberts Place.

As you can imagine, the NBA store is large, occupying 3,500 square feet. space It spans two floors and offers a wide range of official NBA and WNBA merchandise and souvenirs. This includes NBA exclusive products, apparel, jerseys, hats, sporting goods, toys and collectibles.

Operated by Fanatics’ part-owned retail giant Lids, “aimed to provide fans with a full-fledged NBA shopping experience, including customization services that allow visitors to personalize their jerseys and hats.” Based on retail expertise.

Meanwhile, Hype will open its first British flagship store in August. 1,550 square feet This two-floor concept transforms into an immersive space with classic loungewear, bags and accessories.

Immersive elements include a selfie booth, a prize-winning reactive game station, and a raised floor that doubles as a live performance stage.

In its 10th anniversary, Hype co-founder and creative director Liam Green said, “Because it’s primarily an online lifestyle brand, we make Hype a reality.” He talked about “a cutting-edge shopping experience that guides our brand story through innovative experiential retailing.”

And Samantha Bain-Mollison, retail director of Shaftesbury, emphasizes: Arrival of the NBA “Create a dynamic experience with products that can only be purchased here. The hype is also a very exciting addition that not only sells the complete collection, but also brings constant collaboration to the store. Fauberts Place is Adidas Originals flagship Subdued and Size?In addition to two more announcements [due] Immediately”.

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NBA and Hype open in Carnaby, London

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