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NBA YoungBoy’s team proposes in-home recording studio, ex-military guards if he’s let out of jail | Courts – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-10-18 19:01:00 –

Baton Rouge rapper NBA YoungBoy’s lawyer is meticulous in persuading federal judges to release clients, including building a recording studio at his 21-year-old home in Utah and hiring a security company with former soldiers. Announced a plan on Monday. Patrol the site.

Judge Sherry Dick of the US District Court had previously rejected the idea that chart-top rappers (whose real name is Kentrell Golden) should be released if certain guarantee conditions are met. Earlier this year, Golden said she was “intent on reckless, illegal and dangerous behaviour,” and that a combination of bond conditions could not guarantee the security of the community.

Dick hadn’t made a decision on Golden Bonds on Monday night.

On March 10, a grand jury charged Golden with a felony in possession of a firearm that was not registered in the federal database. Twelve days later, after a short car chase, he was detained by a federal agent in Los Angeles and returned to Louisiana.

Baton Rouge rapper NBA YoungBoy has been charged by a federal grand jury for the number of firearms resulting from his arrest in Baton Rouge in September …

He was booked in St. Martin’s Parish Prison in April and remains behind a bar awaiting trial.

Golden was handcuffed, wore a white mask, and attended a packed court for detention trials on Monday morning. Overflow rooms have been opened to accommodate large spectators while adhering to social distance guidelines.

Golden’s latest album topped the Billboard charts earlier this month, streamed about 186 million times and sold about 10,000 copies.

Encouraging Dick to reconsider her previous ruling, Golden’s lawyer says he does not pose a danger to himself or others if given a bond under certain harsh conditions such as house arrest. Insisted.

According to testimony, Golden recently bought a home in northern Utah and placed it near the family of a child tutor who took him under her wings. His lawyer pointed out that Golden has refrained from engaging in criminal activity during his regular stay in Utah with an extended family of tutors for the past decade.

They speculated that if Golden moved permanently to a Utah residence near his support network, they would be lined up by adopted families who were eager to keep him away from prison.

A federal judge of Baton Rouge said rapper NBA YoungBoy remained imprisoned until a trial on suspicion of weapons, “he was obsessed with Wreck …

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However, prosecutors say that Golden did not commit a crime during his mission in Utah, but he varied while he was in contact with a loved one who said he would lead him on the right path while in captivity at home. He pointed out that he was arrested for the violation.

In February 2017, Gaulden pleaded guilty to the exacerbation of firearms assault in connection with a non-fatal drive-by shooting on Kentucky Street in Baton Rouge. The November 2016 shootings occurred two days after Golden turned 17.

Rapper NBA Young Boy was reportedly arrested in Los Angeles around 1 pm.

In 2018, he was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. He finally pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor battery.

On Mother’s Day 2019, Golden was involved in a shooting in Miami, killing a bystander. Gunman fired at the rapper and his aides outside the Trump International Hotel. His girlfriend was injured. Members of his crew, who were legally armed, fatally attacked the bystanders and set the fire back. Miami-Dade police ruled that Golden’s companions acted in self-defense.

In September 2020, Golden and 15 others were arrested on suspicion of possessing various guns and drugs during a video shoot in a vacant lot in Baton Rouge.

Prosecutors revealed on Monday that rapper NBA YoungBoy investigated what happened during the September music production …

Golden’s lawyer also proposed a “check and balance” system in the form of a private security company Bedlock special project to patrol his home in Utah. Highly trained security guards plan to keep certain people, such as convicted serious offenders, away from their homes.

Finally, the chairman of Gaulden’s record label testified that the company could build a recording studio at Gaulden’s house and continue to make music while in captivity. They said his lawyer wouldn’t feel pressured to later ask the judge to lighten his bond if the rapper could continue to work.

Prosecutors say the feud between the two rival Baton Rouge rap groups led to the deadly Mother’s Day 2019 shooting in Flori, hundreds of miles away …

Prosecutors argued that given Golden’s pattern of behavior, the terms proposed by the defense were unlikely to make a difference. They said Golden was involved in the fighting, even in a prison in the Parish of St. Martin, which ensured widespread security.

Prosecutor Will Morris called the rapper’s behavior pattern “obstructive.”

Other details revealed at the hearing include the FBI’s name in the Golden Survey, called “Operation Never Free Again.”

NBA YoungBoy’s team proposes in-home recording studio, ex-military guards if he’s let out of jail | Courts Source link NBA YoungBoy’s team proposes in-home recording studio, ex-military guards if he’s let out of jail | Courts

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