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NBC Lester Holt Olympic Tasks in Tokyo: Hotel Room Workouts

Lester Holt vowed to be hungry. However, when NBC Nightly News anchors were in their 40s, they noticed that they were loosening their belts to accommodate the growing waistline.

“When you are young, you can eat what you want with little consequence,” he says. “As we get older, things suddenly happen that we never imagined. It was awakening that we had to make an effort to eat and exercise properly.”

Holt, now 62, finds the exercise boring. “I know it’s not a waste of time, but I can’t ride a treadmill for an hour,” he says.

Holt exercises in a hotel room while in Tokyo for the Olympics.

About 10 years ago, he adopted equipment-free high-intensity interval training (HIIT) training in a hurry at home or on the go. “When it comes to exercise, you can find a million excuses, but I can always find 20 minutes of my day,” he says. “During the pandemic, I didn’t even have to leave the house. I exercised in my living room pajamas.” Holt spends his time between New York and Los Angeles, but reports frequently.

He is preparing to cover his 10th Olympics. “Listening to these superfit athletes was very motivating,” he says. “Swimming and beach volleyball are always inspiring.”

He will start fixing the evening news program from Tokyo on Thursday. Due to Covid’s restrictions, he does not have access to the gym and cannot exercise outside. He will devise a variation of the HIIT routine in the hotel room, packing a skipping rope and a resistance band. “People in the room below me probably won’t appreciate the jump,” he says. He also bought a set of plastic dumbbells that could be filled with water.

Holt says his biggest challenge is time difference and whether to choose exercise or sleep. “We need to start the day in Tokyo at 1:30 am and sleep 4-6 hours,” he says. “It may be my excuse to skip the crunch and close my eyes more.”

Holt does a shoulder tap on the board as part of his HIIT training.


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Holt prefers to exercise in the morning, ideally before 10 am. His condo in New York has a gym, but since Covid he has been accustomed to exercising in the living room. When he’s in Los Angeles, he exercises on the beach. His 20-minute HIIT routine includes three sets of nine exercises. If he is on the verge of time, he reduces it to 7 minutes of training. There is no same routine.

“I have a long list of exercises in my brain, and I’m nothing more than stealing ideas,” he says. “If you see someone doing something cool in the gym, try it.” He jumps rope for 30-40 seconds or raises his knees to increase his heart rate. Start by running in place. After that, he does core exercises. Bicycle crunches are a staple, sitting and soaking in the walls. He then repeats the set with a variety of aerobic exercises, core, upper or lower body exercises.

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If he’s in Los Angeles, he likes to go to Muscle Beach to do dips and pull-ups with parallel bars and sprints on the beach between the Lifeguard Towers. “Running isn’t mine,” he says. “But sprinting is a great way to increase your heart rate, and the pain lasts only a minute.”

Burpees are his most disliked exercise, but he sometimes weaves them into his workouts. He takes pride in the patience of his board poses.He held 3 minutes plank At the “Today” show, he says his record is almost four minutes.

Holt recently began incorporating yoga into his routine. “I didn’t know the flexibility, but now that I’ve started stretching, I can see how it affects my posture and how I carry myself,” he says. Downward dogs, kid poses and tree poses are his go-to exercises.

Holt has incorporated wind sprints into his routine at Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, California.


breakfast: Blackberry and cinnamon yogurt.

cheat: When I anchored “Weekend Today”, it was my routine to go home and make pancakes and Belgian waffles. I drowned them with maple syrup, “he says. “Thankfully, I broke that habit and now I indulge once every six weeks.”

lunch: Grilled chicken sandwich from the newsroom commissioner. “If I’m really good, I only eat half the bread,” he says.

Dinner: “My wife is a great cook,” he says. “She’s a Seattle girl, so she eats a lot of salmon with broccoli and pasta.”

Temptation: “When I’m up to date with the latest news and it’s in the parking lot, someone always runs for donuts, candies and chips,” he says. “It’s very attractive because I’m hungry for carbs when I’m tired.”

Sweet teeth: “It’s a constant battle,” he says. “I’m a big label leader trying to avoid sugar, but I fall off the wagon while I’m out.”

Holt isn’t a big runner, so he jumps rope to increase his heart rate.

Essential travel gear

Skipping rope

Resistance band

Water-filled dumbbells


Musician and former radio DJ Holt is always listening to music. “I have an eclectic hobby and I like everything from country to jazz,” he says. “I like to estimate the beat while exercising.”

Mr. Holt poses on the board with parallel bars.

Make your hotel room your gym

The trip is back, but many hotel gyms remain closed due to Covid’s precautions. Andrew Gavigan, director of education at Aktiv Solutions, a company based in Santa Monica, California that designed fitness rooms from Hilton’s 5 feet, allows you to plan ahead and be creative so you can keep up with your day-to-day work. I will.

“Push the furniture aside so that you have enough space for push-ups and rushes,” he says. “You can squat or chest press with your suitcase as a weight, or do push-ups or dips with the edge of your desk chair or bed. Road keys are shot for consistency, not hard workouts. Is to do. “

Vanessa Martin, a trainer and founder of SIN (Strength in Numbers) Workouts based in Newyork, is her dependable 24-minute hotel room work in an exercise program that encourages people to incorporate fitness into their daily lives. Sharing out. Start slowly and adjust personnel based on your fitness level.

Hotel room circuit (Repeat 4 sets. Take a 60 second break between each set.)

Minute One:

25 jumping jacks

10 Hand Release Push-ups

This push-up variation prevents cheating. This is because you need to lower it to the ground and raise your hand before doing push-ups.

2nd minute:

15 sprinters on each leg

Place your right foot in front, your left hand on the ground, and your right hand behind your body, pretending to be a sprinter in the starting blocks. The left knee is floating a little off the ground. Stand up explosively and raise your left knee to your chest. When the left hand falls to the side, the right hand swings to knee level. You can add hops at the top for additional challenges. Repeat on the other side.

3rd minute:

Sumo squat 20

Same as a regular squat, but with your legs facing outwards at a hip-width distance.

10 abs

4th minute:

12 thrusters with plank walk-up

Start to stand. Crouch and place your hands on both sides of your feet. Return your legs to the high board pose. Drop your right forearm to the ground and then your left forearm. Go back to your right hand and then your left hand and finish with a tall board. Please stand with your feet flipped up with both hands. repeat. Arrange each lead arm alternately. For Person in charge 2, drop the left forearm to the ground and then the right arm.

Minute 5:

10 Alternating reverse lunge

5 burpee

What is your training?Please tell me

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NBC Lester Holt Olympic Tasks in Tokyo: Hotel Room Workouts

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