NBDC Co-Sponsors Latino Small Business Conference | Nebraska Business Development Center – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska 2021-10-16 03:36:37 –

Participants in the Latino SME conferences in Grand Island and Omaha said the session felt enlightening and inspiring.

The conference was sponsored by the Nebraska Business Development Center (NBDC). Score Nebraska, NS US Small Business Administration (SBA), Nebraska Enterprise Fund, NS Nebraska Public Power District And that University of Nebraska Agricultural and Natural Resources Institute (IANR).

Approximately 100 participants attended the September 11 Grand Island conference, which was held entirely in Spanish, and more than 50 attended the September 14 Omaha conference. .. Juan Sandval, NBDC-based US SBDC-Nebraska Associate Center Director, Omaha.

“Our message to these business owners was that you weren’t the only one facing your challenges,” says Sandval. “According to a SCORE survey, only 6.7% of Latino-American-owned businesses reported profitability and growth during a pandemic.

“We want minority business owners to know that resources are available to help mitigate risk and increase their chances of success,” he says. “But you have to go look for them. They aren’t going to come to find you.”

Yusleine Ramirez, owner of Norfolk Painting Solutions, attended a meeting on Grand Island. “This meeting was exciting because it provided information not only on how to make a business successful, but also on the many challenges we face every day and how to overcome them and realize our dreams,” she said. Says.

Carlos A. Mendoza, owner of Green Island Lone Care on Grand Island, says the meetings he attended helped him connect with other business owners and update their knowledge of current business issues.

“I learned the importance of setting goals and having a direction for the next year of my business,” says Mendoza. “Vision and mission are important tools for success, and I am more confident about the steps to follow.”

Jenny Lopez, co-owner of the Fruit restaurant on Grand Island, says he is grateful to hear about the good and bad experiences of other business owners. “As a micro entrepreneur, one of the most important tasks is to keep learning and educating ourselves,” she says. “The information we receive at the meeting impacts our business by making significant changes to our goal of continuing to grow.”

Elie Berchal, a Chinchorro Boricua restaurant in Omaha’s Old Market, says the conference exposed her to many valuable resources new to her. “Some people are willing to help develop the project,” she says. “I have confirmed that I do not know everything and that there is always room for growth as part of the educational process. I also learned that I am not alone on this trip.”

According to Sandoval, the conference was so well received that the organizers are currently considering it for 2022 and have probably expanded to four locations.

“I am very pleased with this year’s participation and would like to have additional sessions in Norfolk and South Sioux City,” he says. “In the meantime, look for the additional support and sponsorship needed to deliver these meetings to the largest number of business owners.”

Anyone interested in sponsoring next year’s conference can email Sandval at NBDC.

NBDC Co-Sponsors Latino Small Business Conference | Nebraska Business Development Center Source link NBDC Co-Sponsors Latino Small Business Conference | Nebraska Business Development Center

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