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Tampa, Florida 2021-07-22 15:07:44 –

It’s been weeks since NCAA athletes were able to legally earn money and endorsement transactions from their names and images without fear of facing impact. Since June 30, hundreds of athletes have already signed big and small contracts.

Two basketball players from Fresno State University, twins Haley and Hannah Cabinder, quickly won a big deal and have been leveraging their names, images and brands ever since.

The Cabinder sisters are only 5 feet 6 inches tall, but on the court, the point guards are very prominent in the Fresno State University jersey.

“We share a love for basketball, so playing college basketball together was just such a goal,” said Haley Cabinder.

Their dream of playing basketball at Division 1 school is now a reality, but outside the courtroom, viral sensations are gaining a lot of support.

During the pandemic, while tired of quarantine, they posted a short dribble video synchronized with the song “Chicken Wing”. Posts exploded on the TikTok account, gaining 3.4 million followers.

Since then, Haley and Hannah have been in their viral posts, especially since the NCAA granted college athletes across the country permission to make money and make money using names and images on June 30, 2021. It states that it exerted a domino effect.

Only hours after the law came into force, their lives as student athletes improved.

“We actually signed up for Boost Mobile at 12:00 am on July 1st,” said Hanna Cavinder.

The twins signed a six-month branding deal with Boost Mobile and posted ads for various companies such as Six Star Pro Nutrition and Gopuff on Instagram. They credit IconSource, a marketing company that helps professional and now college athletes win nomination deals.

“It’s possible for 460,000 student athletes who can now work with brands, and now for brands and communities that never imagined working with athletes,” said Chase Garrett, CEO of IconSource. ..

He says the secret to successful branding for young athletes begins with a good framework.

“I have a great expression, a good kind of family structure, and I understand how to position myself in the long run,” Garrett said.

Garrett says he saw many brands excited to jump with clients other than men’s football and basketball as the law of image and portrait changed.

For the cabiner twins who manage the brand, the message from the sisters to the freshman student athletes is simple.

“Prioritize what is right,” said Haley Cabinder. “Don’t focus too much on building your brand. Something like that will come.”

NCAA athletes, like these Fresno State twins, score big endorsement deals Source link NCAA athletes, like these Fresno State twins, score big endorsement deals

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