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Atlanta (CBS46) — NCAA Division I Violation Commission hearing panel shows when the Georgia Institute of Technology Women’s Basketball Program requires players to participate in countd exercise-related activities that exceed the daily and weekly limits. , Concluded that he violated the practice and coaching restrictions.

The panel also found that women’s basketball staff did not provide student athletes with the necessary holidays.

The breach occurred from the 2016-17 school year to February 2019.

According to a press release from the NCAA, the director of women’s basketball operations provided student athletes with a practice schedule. However, the former women’s basketball assistant coach had to report the team to practice early to notify the student athletes of the schedule change the day before or on the day of the practice. In addition, according to several student athletes, the team had to practice for more than an hour on a regular basis. Other members of the track and field staff confirmed that the team had exceeded the scheduled practice time.

Read the complete infringement decision here

The Women’s Basketball Manager submitted a practice log to track each student athlete’s countable activity based on the original schedule.

In addition, the report showed that each student athlete practiced the same amount of time. However, several student athletes reported that some athletes needed additional practice time as a punishment for being late. However, student athletes approved inaccurate logs because they were afraid of retaliation if they did not.

Student athletes also had to participate in exercise-related activities on their scheduled holidays.

These trainings violated NCAA rules. This is because we believe that student athletes are a must and used shot tracking technology during training to identify who attended the session.

The Panel also discovered that a former head coach allowed graduate assistants to provide skill guidance to student athletes during additional training sessions, regular practice, and occasional competitions. As a result, the program has exceeded the maximum number of coaches that can be tolerated.

The panel also concluded that it violated the Code of Ethics because it failed to meet its obligation to participate in the investigation after the former assistant coach resigned.

The Commission categorized the case into Level II, the standard for school and former women’s basketball head coaches, and exacerbated it to Level I for former women’s basketball assistant coaches. The Commission has stipulated the following actions using the Violation Penalty Guidelines approved by Division I members:

  • A 3-year trial period that follows the current trial period.
  • A fine of $ 5,000 plus 1% of the women’s basketball program budget.
  • Former head coach’s one-year show cause order. This includes a 15% suspension of regular season contests at schools that hire her in the first season after the show cause order.
  • Former assistant coach’s 5-year show-cause order.
  • A comprehensive compliance review of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s track and field division by an external agency with athletics compliance expertise.

The Georgia Institute of Technology enrolls approximately 32,000 students and sponsors the sports of nine men and eight women.

This is the case for an institution’s 6th Level I or Level II violation. Georgia Institute of Technology had a serious breach before 2019 (men’s basketball). 2014 (soccer and men’s and women’s basketball); 2011 (soccer and men’s basketball); 2005 (soccer, men’s and women’s cross-country, men’s and women’s indoor and outdoor tracks, men’s and women’s swimming); 1989 (soccer).

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NCAA rules Georgia Tech women’s basketball program committed violations | News Source link NCAA rules Georgia Tech women’s basketball program committed violations | News

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