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We are all becoming Hawaii’s own cultural war soldiers. Aloha’s unification power is collateral damage.

Welcome to Hawaiians, other parts of the United States.

Traditionally, Aloha’s ideas have been used to connect people. But thanks to the pandemic, Aloha has become a club people that one side uses to return to the other.

Here’s how this is happening and why the changes are long-term and sad.

Aloha Before

A few years ago, I helped a small but very diverse group discuss Hawaii’s sovereignty. They started discussing what it means to be Hawaiian. It depends on the situation, they agreed. When allocating resources, such as through Hawaii’s Homestead or the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, they thought the definition of Hawaii needed to be rigorous and accurate, as they needed to make a definitive classification.

But when they talked about culture, especially Aloha, it was different. They shared the idea that practicing Aloha culturally makes people Hawaiian — or, as one group member said, “Hawaiian mind”.

Aloha practice was an admission ticket. No one had a hard time talking about exactly what Aloha meant, as it didn’t have to have an exact meaning.

Aloha has a very open definition, if you can call it a definition. This includes both, not either or both. Ambiguity creates opportunities. There are no high walls or strict standards.

Aloha has long been very important because its term is shape shifter.

Obviously, like “Hawaiian in the heart,” the definition of aloha is not accurate. Its power is not accurate, so it survives exactly. So it fits easily. In most cases, it is enough to claim that you want to be Aloha.

Aloha in the age of Covid

Chad Blair Recent Civil Beat story For Hawaii’s anti-Covid mandate, it shows how dramatically this has changed.

Hawaii’s leading anti-Covid mandates define themselves in terms of Aloha — put together themselves. Its name is the Associated State of Aloha. We are devoted to “maintaining freedom, protecting Aloha, and protecting Ohana in the spirit of Aloha.”

Does anyone have any idea what AFC is trying to do there?

Readers were angry at the group’s use of the word Aloha and argued that their tactics, such as looking at people’s faces, were far from the meaning of the word.

Aloha contest. The battle line of the turf is drawn. Aloha is a lawn to fight and a weapon used to fight.

The term itself is the punch and counter punch of the battle over who is right and who is wrong.

It’s a brawl, and in a brawl, there are no forbidden holds. It reduces Aloha’s cultural power to rely on something completely different from setting boundaries and emphasizing differences.

Indeed, there are people, including politicians, who dress in Aloha with proper terminology, just as the Associated State does. Large companies The word “Ohana” as if the CEO was a dad and the thousands of workers and passengers were their Keiki.

This is commonplace, and our random detectors living here recognize it by sliding it and process it accordingly.

Conflicts over obligations and vaccines are very different. It hates slides as much as you can get. Betting is life and death, good and evil, science and superstition, freedom, and tyranny. Here, Aloha is a concept used as a way to outgroup an opponent.

Aloha for the next few years

Let’s be clear. As for the benefits, I disagree with what the anti-delegation people represent. Their claims are legally, scientifically and philosophically wrong and life-threatening.

But my point is that no matter which side you are on, the Covid battle for Aloha has no good way to unravel the social structure and actually stop it in a way that Hawaii is unfamiliar with.

It has legs and is trying to change us.

We are not accustomed to having to be included in the large Aloha people who are causing illness and death. We are not accustomed to including those who the government considers depriving us of our basic freedoms.

In comparison, the battle for the Thirty Meter Telescope is a rock-paper-scissors game.

The Aloha Spirit idea helped keep Hawaii in a sliding location. About empathy rather than judgment..

Vaccination Opponents Aloha Associated State Anti-Tax Waikiki Protest Covid
The use of the word “Aloha” in the vaccine debate can unravel Hawaii’s social structure in a whole new way. Denby Faucet / Civil Beat / 2021

This works well if there is no serious polarization and neither side sees each other as an evil existential threat. Or, unless there are only two aspects to that.

This will reduce all these lengths. There are many reasons to believe that the consequences of a mandate / vax conflict will be protracted.

Imagine a group with diverse views as described at the beginning. Only this time, the issue they discuss is Covid, which focuses on expensive concepts such as sin, death, selfishness, family, freedom, and tyranny.

People naturally spend time discussing why they are right and why the other side is completely wrong.

When Aloha emerges in such a situation, it serves as a flag-taking weapon, not as a shared cultural means of connecting people. “I have Aloha, but you don’t.”

I’ve never seen people so excited while I lived here. These fundamental differences and deep passions do not simply disappear.

It could lead to a new political alliance. It will also lead to more distrust among neighbors who discover that the person they thought they knew turned out to be a stranger at all. Or I want to know already.

This is another sign that Hawaii will be a very different place after Covid.

It’s also another way Hawaii can look like America.

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