Near drowning in Bratenahl – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2022-06-15 13:28:08 –

Bratenahl, Ohio (WJW) — A boy on the verge of drowning is taken to a hospital Bratenal The police said on Sunday.

A police officer was reportedly dispatched to the 13600 block of Lakeshore Boulevard shortly after 2 pm and there was a phone call that a 9-year-old boy was not breathing at home and was unconscious.

The 911 dispatcher reportedly spoke to people on the scene through CPR, and the child was breathing and awake by the time the police arrived at the scene.

The victim’s mother, Rebecca Corps, told police when her son Gavin was playing with a friend in the backyard pool and other children noticed that the boy wasn’t moving in the water. He was reportedly playing with another 9-year-old boy to find out who could hold his breath in the water for the longest time.

He reportedly took him out of the pool when a friend noticed that Gavin wasn’t moving. Police do not believe Gavin hit his head in the case.

Gavin was taken by EMS to the University Hospital Rainbow Babys and Children’s Hospital.

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