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Riverside, California 2021-09-15 08:32:11 –

Biden ordered the HealthCare.gov Marketplace to reopen for six months from February 15th to August 15th, giving people the opportunity to sign up for the press.

Washington — President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday that 2.8 million consumers took advantage of a special six-month period to get more affordable private health insurance under his COVID-19 bailout law. Did.

He encouraged that number and urged Congress to help reduce medical costs.

“This is a 2.8 million family that has more security, more room for breathing, and more money in their pockets when an illness or accident goes home,” Biden said. “Overall, 12.2 million Americans are actively enrolled in Affordable Care Act compensation, a record high.”

Biden from February 15th to August 15th to give the HealthCare.gov Marketplace the opportunity to sign up for self and family compensation for those who have lost their jobs and medical benefits due to a pandemic. I ordered it to resume for 6 months.

Since then, the COVID-19 Relief Act subsidies have been strengthened and more registrants have gathered, making the coverage more affordable in April.

According to Biden, a record 12.2 million people are now subject to affordable care practices.

Obama-era legislation enacted in 2010 makes health insurance more affordable by providing nationally subsidized private insurance to those who do not have such insurance through their employers. Is aimed at. The law also extended Medicaid for low-income adults, most states did.

According to the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation, the two components cover about 27 million people.

On Wednesday, Biden subsidized the COVID-19 Relief Act to reduce premiums for people who purchase insurance through the Affordable Care Act by about $ 67 a month, and 10 consumers who purchased during a special application period. Said that four people found the plan. $ 10 or less per month.

He said the out-of-pocket costs have also decreased.

Biden, who was Vice President when the Affordable Care Act was enacted and wants to expand it, also said he would lower the cost of prescription drugs, including making enhanced subsidies permanent. Called Congress to do more to help lower medical costs by acting on the proposal of the release of Medicare and negotiate drug prices. The enhanced grant is only valid until 2022.

The regular annual registration season for the Affordable Care Act will not resume until November 1.

Nearly 3M get health coverage during COVID-19 sign-up Source link Nearly 3M get health coverage during COVID-19 sign-up

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