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Omaha, Nebraska 2021-01-13 19:12:41 –

Lincoln, Nebraska (KMTV) —Last year, parliamentary seats became ugly.

“You spend your entire life worrying about your sex life and your rights to it. Shut up,” said Senator Mike Groune in a 2020 debate.

In 2020, there were accusations of sexual favor, and senators accused a colleague of turning over another senator on the floor, and his temper occasionally burned.

“You can do what you want, but you can tell me if Jesus Christ is coming and you have a problem with it,” said State Senator Steve Laslop in 2020. I told you.

As the 2021 unicameral system is currently underway, Senators want to change their tone and culture.

“I think there is a coordinated effort to do that,” said Senator Tom Breise.

“We are optimistic that we have the opportunity to make things better,” said State Senator Tony Vargas.

Vargas and Breeze agree that it is very helpful to contact the Senator when he crosses the line.

“We are calling on each other not only to meet certain standards of politeness and politeness, but also to deviate from them,” says Vargas.

“Remind them that in private, in the hallways, at committee hearings, and elsewhere, we are trying to treat each other with more respect,” Breeze said.

Another option is similar to how teachers treat ornery students, and it is by training them.

Senator Mike Flood has proposed a rule that prohibits Senator from speaking if he votes too much.

“If there’s an intersecting line, I think everyone knows it when they see it. It’s a personal attack, and it’s weird if it really goes to someone else’s safety,” Flood said. Says.

Flood rules did not allow them to speak for the next 30 days of the session, but he says it is negotiable.

“First and foremost, it’s a deterrent. Think first before you say anything. We’re here to get things done,” says Flood.

Both Vargas and Briese are uncommitted, but appear to be open to the rules.

“I don’t know if it’s needed, but it might be useful in some situations,” Briese says.

Nebraska legislature hopes to change its tone, culture in 2021 Source link Nebraska legislature hopes to change its tone, culture in 2021

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