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Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — Milton Andrew Manson Jr. was a Hastings man who loved Nebraska football and betting. He died on November 16th. His sons undertook his obituary. They hadn’t talked to him for quite some time, and given their father’s mental health experience, they knew they had to be honest.

“We wanted to keep it honest and put it out there.
Milton Manson’s son, Todd Manson, thinks that not mentioning this really important aspect of his life would sell him short and struggles with the same in his family and relationships. I thought it would be useful for people who might. ”

They say their dad was a big personality who liked to make bets that partly arose from his addicting struggle.

“Our dad had a very ridiculous personality because he didn’t have better words and was really like All or Nothing. If it was the weekend of Hasker’s match day, it would be” Go Big. In “Red,” my brother and I have been taught to the Hasker nation since birth, and everything was Hasker. If it wasn’t for the football season, my dad would take my brother and me for fishing or a horse track. That’s because I did it with my kids in the 80’s. Take me to the truck and tell me how to gamble. “Toddmanson said.

They asked the caretakers of Manson to “irresponsibly make a big bet on Nebraska, who hits Iowa,” instead of flowers, in order to keep his father honest and honest.

“The idea of ​​defeating Iowa and irresponsibly making a big bet on Nebraska thought it was a complete tribute to our father, as he lived to bet on something, and so on. Anything leads to his addiction problem, “said Toddmanson.

The obituary attracted the attention of sports fans across the country, including the host of local sports radio for acts contrary to sportsmanship in the 1620 zone.

“I thought it was interesting and other Husker fans would kick it off, so I took some screenshots and it exploded in an unexpected way,” said show co-sponsor Josh Peterson. I did. ”

He and his guest co-host decided to crowdfund for money to bet on Nebraska in honor of Milton. Take off.

“Me I casually mentioned it at the end of the show on Monday. By the time I got home, I lived 5 minutes away and already had $ 300 in my Venmo account. It was over $ 1,000 by dinner. ”

They raised over $ 7,000. If $ 1,000 is bet and the Huskers win, the amount will be doubled. The rest and prizes will be donated to the Big Brothers Big Sisters. Mansons wants some of the money spent to take their kids to the Nebraska game next year.

Nebraska man’s obituary leads to higher stakes for Huskers Source link Nebraska man’s obituary leads to higher stakes for Huskers

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