Negative ads, claiming candidates will ‘defund the police’ draws ire – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska 2021-05-05 19:25:37 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — Voters in District 3 of Midtown, Omaha may have received mailed material for controversial campaigns.

According to an advertisement from the Omaha Police Officers Association, when a candidate is elected, the candidate “defends the police” and depicts Camie Watkins, a progressive election in the city council.

The ad says, “No one is safe in Camie Watkins Omaha,” and there is a violent riot in the background.


The ad infuriated Omaha activists and politicians, including State Senator Terrell McKinney, who was among the few racists of the Omaha Police Union on Twitter on Tuesday night.

He told 3News. Mailers are now a horrifying propaganda.

“It wasn’t surprising to anyone who tried to hold the police accountable by saying that the Police Officers Association was trying to do something to make them look bad,” McKinney said.

Tony Connor, head of the Omaha Police Union, responded to McKinney on Twitter and defended Mailer.

“What is Mailer’s racist? That’s her position and we’re just emphasizing it,” said Tony Connor, who responded to McKinney on Twitter.

However, Danny Begley, a candidate supported by the union in the Third District race, said in a statement that he was running a positive campaign.

“We didn’t outsource or approve the work, but it was done to support me and I can’t tolerate a negative attack,” Begley said. ..

He went on to say he was committed to repairing the broken relationship between the masses and the police.

“The last 24 hours have further emphasized that there is work we must do to restore and restore police and community relations,” said Begley.

Watkins refused the interview, calling it “dirty politics, the antithesis of the campaign I’m running.”

This is not the only time I’ve seen ads. An ad sent by Republican city council candidate Don Rowe to voters in the Millard region targeted Democratic opposition Patrick Leahy, “Don’t make Omaha Minneapolis, or Portland.”

Another ad was sent by state Republicans to voters in northwestern Omaha, saying supporters of city council candidate Sarah Cohen want to reimburse police.

In response, Cohen says it’s a lie intended to distract voters from the poor records of her opponents. She says she wants more accountability, transparency and mental health services.

“I don’t support cutting police budgets to achieve these goals, which is likely to reduce training for key officers,” Cohen said.

Despite not tolerating negative ads against his opponents, Begley campaign manager Ben Onka and his wife, civil servant campaign volunteer Crystal Rhodes, left the campaign on Wednesday.

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Negative ads, claiming candidates will ‘defund the police’ draws ire Source link Negative ads, claiming candidates will ‘defund the police’ draws ire

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