Negro Leagues art exhibit opens at McNichols Civic Center – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-07-16 12:24:56 –

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At the end of the Denver-MLB All-Star Game Week event, a Negro League-inspired art exhibition will be held for a few more weeks.

The Shade of Greatness, a traveling art exhibition inspired by Negro League baseball, is now on display at the McNichols Civic Center in downtown Denver.

In 2003, the Negro League Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri opened its exhibits to the public.

Bob Kendrick, chairman of the Negro League Baseball Museum, said the exhibit features 35 original works of art created by 28 diverse artists across the United States.

“I think it’s the diversity of the show that makes it so powerful. There are black, white and Hispanic artists. There are also young people, old men, men and women,” Kendrick said. Told. “They all saw the Negro League through different lenses, and it comes across beautifully in this collection.”

The exhibition will take place the week before the MLB All-Star Game and will be held in Denver until September 7.

Another art installation, less than a block from the McNichols Civic Center, is open to the public for free.

This year, Denver’s Black Love Mural Festival is back at Civic Center Park.

The curator of the exhibition is called “Rob the Art Museum”, a company dedicated to making art accessible to poorly serviced communities.

Elijah Minton, also known as one of the hottest artists and art alchemist, said he enjoyed attending this year’s festival.

“I portrayed the whole pandemic honestly … but overall, it’s great to see everyone coming in and joining me,” Minton said.

The murals will be on display until August 1st.

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Negro Leagues art exhibit opens at McNichols Civic Center Source link Negro Leagues art exhibit opens at McNichols Civic Center

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