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Join the Keri Shull team in this week’s Neighborhood Spotlight to see Shirlington, one of your favorite Arlington districts.

All regions of Arlington (and other cities in the DMV) have unique features that are easy to love. What do you like about the community? Let us know in the comments below — we’ll highlight them in future Neighborhood Spotlights!

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Where is Charrington?

Shirlington is a compact district in southern Arlington, near the county border with the city of Alexandria.

Considered one of Arlington’s “Urban Villages”, it’s a Monica that suits both the atmosphere and convenience of Shirlington. The area is adjacent to several accessible roads. In particular, the Shirley Highway, which is the origin of the Charrington name, allows you to navigate the DMV. Relatively Painless work.

King Street defines the southwestern tip of the region and provides the Shah Lynton with a short path to the historic Old Town and all the conveniences of living in Alexandria.

Charrington Real Estate Market

Like the rest of Arlington, the market is Fiery hot Now in Charrington. Homes are selling fast and are selling at high prices. Therefore, if you are considering moving to Charrington, it is wise to work with an agent who can help you find and negotiate an off-market home.

Charrington is primarily known for its townhouses and standalone. There are condos for sale, but many of them are in a “village-style” community, in contrast to the Arlington condo buildings that characterize the area around the Orange Line Corridor.

Popular condominium community

That apartment is The styles available are very different. For example, two of Charrington’s most popular condos.

  • Charlinton Village: Located in the Village of Charrington Shopping Center, Charrington Village is a community of 176 condos. Due to its prime location above the village of Charrington, these homes offer the highest level of convenient shopping and entertainment in the Charrington area.
  • West Village in Shirlington: Beyond the Four Mile Run is another popular condo community, West Village in Shirlington. These homes are located in garden-style condos, two-bedroom cottages, and three-bedroom town homes.

Both of these complexes provide owners with easy access to local entertainment and outdoor activities.

Shah Lynton Culture

Charrington is most famous for shopping and dining, but the neighborhood is itself a complete cultural center.

One good example of this is the Signature Theater. Signature is a Tony Award-winning troupe that calls the village of Sharlington their hometown. They are most famous for Stephen Sondheim’s musical staging, but their curtains are depicted in plays of all kinds.

What do I need to do in Charlinton?

Many of Charrington’s cultural heritage is concentrated in the village of Charrington, a long-standing square known as one of the country’s first large shopping centers.In addition to the Signature Theater and Shirlington Library, visitors to the village of Shirlington can enjoy plenty of shopping and dining options.

In particular, we recommend trying Palette22, a tapas-style restaurant that explores the tastes and visual arts of the world. At this time, you can enjoy their atmosphere in the sociable dining room and patio. Palette 22 is also one of the best options for takeaway in Arlington, so you can comfortably enjoy small dishes at home.

How do I find a home in Charrington?

Housing demand Fierce In Charrington, and for good reason. Neighborhood offers:

  • High walkability
  • Easy commute to central Arlington, Alexandria, Washington DC
  • Great local shopping and dining
  • Extensive options for outdoor recreation

So if you rely solely on online search tools, you may have trouble finding them (and more importantly, win Currently at Charrington’s home, but there are other options.

The Keri Shull team has hundreds of off-market properties that you can’t find online or elsewhere. We want to give priority access to these homes before they hit the market.

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