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Arvada, Colorado — Engineers are looking for new eco-friendly homes to combat the climate crisis. A community has created an area that utilizes solar and geothermal technologies.

Called GEOS Neighborhood in Alvada, Colorado, it is one of the lushest districts in the country.

“Geos stands for Geothermal,” said Norbert Klebl, designer of Geos Neighborhood. “Currently, there are 30 completed and occupied homes. Before calculating the need for solar power, the area is unique. We have the actual energy requirements to heat and cool those homes. Was focused on.

Geos Neighborhood aims to become a global example of green energy by making homes a completely net-zero community that produces enough renewable energy annually.

“We use geothermal heat pumps in our homes,” says Klebl. “And we use solar panels in our homes to create the needs of our homes.”

Klebl included solar panels on each roof, as well as energy-efficient washing machines and dryers, triple windows for insulation, and charging stations for electric vehicles.

But one of the impressive technologies he has adopted is the geothermal heat pump.

“Many people know about the sun above our heads, but they don’t know the equivalent of the sun under our feet,” said Dar Lon Chang, one of the inhabitants of Geos Neighborhood. Told.

Chan wants to move to the area in 2019 and have others consider living arrangements like Geos Neighborhood to help the environment.

“The core of the earth is at the same temperature as the surface of the sun,” Chan said. “Geothermal takes advantage of the fact that when drilled 6 or 7 feet below, the warmth of the Earth’s core radiates to the surface, and temperatures are fairly stable throughout the year, here at 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Stable. Can be used as a reservoir for both winter heating and summer home cooling. “

According to the August 2021 IPCC report, rapid reductions in methane emissions are important for tackling the climate crisis.

According to the report, methane is a greenhouse gas that is 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide and is widely used to fuel stoves and warm homes throughout the United States.

Klebl hopes that his geothermal and energy clean areas will be the future of housing.

“30 percent of all greenhouse gases are produced by the house,” Klebl said. “And to eliminate it, we need to do what we have done: reduce energy requirements and find more efficient ways to produce energy.”

Neighborhood using geothermal technology to become net zero Source link Neighborhood using geothermal technology to become net zero

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