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Honolulu, Hawaii 2022-01-10 19:44:00 –

Seoul, South Korea >> North Korea launches what looks like a ballistic missile into the East Sea, with a second weapon launched in a week, South Korean and Japanese troops said.

This month’s launch highlighted how North Korea would continue to expand its military power amid a voluntary blockade of pandemics and a deadlock in nuclear negotiations with the United States, following a series of weapons tests in 2021.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said it is likely that North Korea launched a ballistic missile from the endorheic to the East Sea, and South Korean and US troops are analyzing the launch. I didn’t immediately know how far the weapon flew.

Japan’s Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Defense also said the weapon could be a ballistic missile, but authorities did not immediately provide details.

The Guam Department of Land Security and the Office of Civil Defense are monitoring the reports of the launch, but said the imminent threat of Guam, the major US military hub in the Pacific, has not been evaluated.

The launch took place six days after launching a ballistic missile into the sea, which was later described as a successful test of a hypersonic missile that North Korea claimed to have first tested in September.

The test is despite North Korean leader Kim Jong Un tackling pandemic-related difficulties that have been crippled by US-led sanctions on nuclear programs and are putting further pressure on the economy. It took place a few days after vowing at an important political conference to strengthen power. ..

The economic recession has made it almost impossible for Kim to show diplomacy with former US President Donald Trump. Donald Trump derailed after the second meeting in 2019, when the United States rejected a request to ease North Korea’s major sanctions in exchange for a partial abandonment of its nuclear capabilities.

The Biden administration said the U.S. focus reflected a broad shift from anti-terrorism and so-called rogue nations like North Korea and Iran to confronting adversaries close to China’s classmates, saying, “Everywhere with North Korea. Are ready to resume negotiations. ” “Anytime” no prerequisites.

But North Korea has so far said it must withdraw the term “hostile policy,” which the United States mainly uses to describe sanctions and joint US-ROK military exercises, in free-form talks. Rejects the idea of.

“Despite the North Korean border blockage restricting trade and diplomacy, Pyongyang has engaged in armed competition with Seoul, and Washington has moved to Russia and China,” said Leif Eric Easley, a professor at Ewha Womans University in Seoul. I am determined to deny the luxury of focusing. “

North Korea’s advancing nuclear weapons are at the heart of Kim’s rule and what he clearly sees as his strongest survival guarantee.

During his decade of reign, he conducted numerous weapon tests on the push to gain the ability to launch a nuclear attack in the continental United States.

However, his country’s economy has been severely depressed in the last two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the sanctions imposed on his nuclear ambitions, and the mismanagement of his government itself.

Neighbors say North Korea has fired possible missile into sea Source link Neighbors say North Korea has fired possible missile into sea

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