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Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2021-09-28 19:10:15 –

Nashville, Tennessee (WTVF) — A woman in West Nashville said she filed a report with Metro Animal Care and Control after encountering three dogs.

Rachel Boggs said she was attacked by a Crawley Drive dog on Wednesday. She said the dog ran behind and bit her paw and side while jogging.

“I started screaming and didn’t know what was going on, and I realized I probably needed to calm down as they were still attacking at that point,” Boggs said.

Since this happened, she heard from her neighbors at Charlotte Park that this had happened to others.

“They were bitten and chased, and their dogs were attacked by other dogs,” Boggs explained.

After Boggs reported, Metro Animal Care and Control detained the dog. The dog was taken to a shelter and the owner picked it up the next day.

“The owner seemed a little regrettable,” said Ashley Harrington, MACC Field Supervisor.

Regarding other alleged attacks by the same dog, Harrington said they hadn’t taken any other reports recently.

“I don’t know if you were bitten by a dog and I won’t tell you. Call the community and let them know what’s going on,” Harrington said.

In this case, the owner was issued a quote for walking the dog around. In Nashville, it is illegal to let a dog escape from its owner’s property and run it on a leash, leash, chain, etc. without the owner’s control.

Still, having a dog in the neighborhood bothers Boggs, and this can happen again.

“I’m mainly worried about my neighbors and want to walk around the house safely. My roommates now take out their dogs and have baseball bats. They cost 50 pounds. , She would think they were playing when the three dogs ran up. ”

Mr Boggs said he would like to file a malicious dog complaint so that the owner would have to answer in court. The dog may go home.

Call MACC (615-862-7928) to report a bite. I have a year to file a complaint. If you are attacked and it is a real emergency call 911.

Neighbors say pack of dogs responsible for multiple attacks Source link Neighbors say pack of dogs responsible for multiple attacks

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