Neighbors upset as three sex offenders move to one home – Denver, Colorado

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Denver — In mid-November, Caitlin Jones Banman moved to one house across the street, not just one, but three separate individuals labeled “sexually violent predators.” I was shocked to receive three written notices that I was.

She later learned that the letter would come a few weeks after she had already moved.

“The individual subject matter of the notice was convicted of a sex offense requiring law enforcement registration,” each of the three letters read. “In addition, they have been determined to be likely to re-offend and are subject to community notices regarding their residence in this community.”

Jones Banman said he was not informed that the individual lived in the house until the letter arrived, and they were concerned about having a family, often small children, there.

“We were all very surprised by the notifications sent. The language used is very inflamed. Like a warning that these very dangerous people live right next door. It’s a thing, “said Jones Banman. “That is our primary concern is the security of our community.”

Since then, two identified as sexually violent predators have left home and replaced by the other two characterized as sex offenders. However, neighbors say they were not given any remarks or prior notice that the house would be used to rent to those who have those labels.

“After all, it’s a homeowner’s decision. They can do what they want, they don’t violate any law,” Jones-Banman said. “I feel that the community should have the opportunity to be involved in that decision.”

Neighbors may also express concern about high turnover at home and accept new residents who are considered sex offenders every six months.

“I think a lot of people are really worried and nervous because of lack of communication, and I don’t know what’s going on,” Jones Banman said. “As a parent, your heart goes to the worst possible place.”

On Monday, Denver City Councilor Kendra Black, representing District 4, held a town hall meeting for his neighbors about the house. Several members of the Denver Police Parole Committee also attended and explained the process of moving people home.

“What we have learned tonight is that these individuals have the right to live there. They need to live somewhere and we have sex offenders all over Denver.” Said Black after the meeting on Monday. “These individuals have been sentenced to prison, are on parole, and are being monitored 24 hours a day.”

Individuals who are considered sex offenders often have strict protocols for reintegration through housing. All three residents at home are monitored by daily GPS tracking and parole visits.

“We want to be in an environment, a healthy environment, either in an apartment, perhaps with a roommate, or in someone else’s house.” Said Susan Walker, founder of the Sex Crimes Recovery Union. 3 individuals. “It’s a very challenging kind of return to society because they know they are hated.”

Walker states that the recidivism rate for sex offenders is lower than that stated in the notice, and the process of relocating those identified as sex offenders makes reintegration more difficult.

“Because people are very afraid of people who are very well watched, and their ankle bracelets and their treatment and everything they have to experience for years. That’s a misnomer. “Walker said. “They need to give the truth, not scare people.”

Still, there is ongoing debate about how to relocate sex offenders and notify their neighbors.

“It feels like this really tore our community,” said Jones Banman.

Neighbors upset as three sex offenders move to one home Source link Neighbors upset as three sex offenders move to one home

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