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Nellis AFB: Pilot with Draken US killed in crash near base – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-05-25 01:25:00 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) — Nellis Air Force Base confirmed that a pilot who died in a crash on Monday afternoon was working at Draken US, a company that provides enemy air support to the facility. The incident happened near Washington and Nellis around 2:30 pm.

The contracted plane was the Dassault Mirage F-1. The pilot was the only crew member.

Draken issued the following statement:

Draken received news that an aircraft was shot down from Nellis Air Force Base and one of the pilots suffered tragic losses. Our thoughts and prayers are directed to the people and families affected by this event. We are committed to helping them when they need it, and we work closely with federal, state and local governments. Draken US is also working with investigative agencies to identify the cause of this tragic accident. ”

Draken USA

“Team Nellis men and women would like to extend their deepest condolences to Draken’s Wingman teammates, friends and family,” Nellis wrote in a press release.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) says it has sent investigators to the scene because the aircraft was “flighted by civilians” rather than military.

Witnesses described the moment the plane crashed in the neighborhood of their northeastern valley.

“It’s just crssssssh, it’s booming!” Said Teresa Nelsen.

Howard Fosmo recalls: Nose down. ”

Shortly before 3:00 pm, Nellis said in a Twitter statement that he was aware of the aircraft-related incident.

About an hour later, the base tweeted detailed information about the time and place of the incident.

After the crash, thick smoke was seen in the air. Taylor Grimm shared a photo with us.

And more smoke and police cars arriving at the scene could be seen in this video sent by Christian Mendoza.

“It didn’t sound right. I know there was something wrong,” says Nelsen. “So I saw it, and it was falling very fast, and it was pretty low.”

“I’m 86, but I’ve only seen it on TV,” Fosmo said.

Witnesses send their good wishes to the affected people.

“My prayers are directed at people, pilots, because we could have been right there,” said Lorena Rias.

They added that when the plane crashed, some trailers seemed to ignite. Many say it’s an unforgettable day.

“Of all the things I’ve seen in my life, it’s probably the best thing that scared me,” Mendoza shared.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak sent a tweet expressing his thoughts and prayers.

Marilyn Kirkpatrick, chairman of the Clark County Commission, issued the following statement, which includes the Nellis Air Force Base and the crash site in the area.

“I am very sad that the contractor-operated aircraft in eastern Las Vegas today took off from Nellis Air Force Base. Our hearts are the pilot’s family and friends, and the larger Nellis Air Force Base. Directed to the family. Today’s tragedy reminds us of the important daily work done in Nellis to protect our country. “

The identity of the pilot has not yet been disclosed, and the cause of the crash has yet to be identified.

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