NeNe Leakes is “pushed through” after the death of her late husband Greggs

Step by step. Nene Leaks Opened about how she is Dealing with loss Of her late husband Greg Leaks, A few weeks after his death.

“I played with black hair long enough. Now I have to adapt to my new life, my new normal life, so I thought I’d go back to blonde.” Atlanta real housewife Alum, 53, told the Instagram Story video on Thursday, September 16th, showing off the writer’s rock. “I have an entire group of people who come to my house every day doing different things with me and trying to keep me away … you know, [the] What happened recently. “

NeNe smiled and let her social media followers know she was “OK”. “I’m pushing forward,” she added. “I have good days and bad days …. They said it was normal. So one day I’m awake. One day I’m down. Today I wanted to go to the salon . It was good.”

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former Gree The star admitted that he felt “it’s good to be around others” while trimming his hair, and thanked the fans for “all condolences and all sweet comments.”

We weekly Confirmed on September 1st Greg died at the age of 66 After fighting stage III colon cancer. He was first diagnosed in 2018 and Temporary remission Before NeNe revealed in June that his illness had recurred.

at first, Her husband’s health journey was “really hard” About NeNe and her family, she said We Limited to November 2018.

“That was like a roller coaster,” she said at the time. “We have good days, Greg has good days, then we have bad days, and as you know, I feel lonely, he feels lonely. “

The couple tied a knot in 1997 and divorced 14 years later, but remarried in 2013.They share a son Brent, 22, and each had a child from a previous relationship.

NeNe Leakes has good days and bad days after the death of her late husband Gregg Leakes

Nene Leaks Courtesy of NeNe Leakes / Instagram

A few days before Greg died Dance with the stars Alum Provided the latest information about his condition While talking to patrons at her Linesia lounge in Duluth, Georgia.

“My husband is moving to the other side,” she said in August after guests were told that she had problems with her apparent standoffs.

Same month, Brent shared a powerful message About cherishing loved ones every day. “Whenever you have a chance, spend time with your loved one,” he wrote in the Instagram Story before his father died. “Time is so … a precious dog. I can’t express it. I’m learning how hard it is to see my dad fight every day. Let’s all go make memories.”

NeNe and her family Celebrated Greg’s life at the monument Earlier this month, some of the former Bravo personality co-stars attended. “She is laughing,” a friend captioned a photo of an Instagram story. New normal Alum at that time. “That’s a good sign.”

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NeNe Leakes is “pushed through” after the death of her late husband Greggs

Source link NeNe Leakes is “pushed through” after the death of her late husband Greggs

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