Netanyahu’s rivals compete for final bid to take his place

Israeli opposition leaders are trapped in desperate final-time negotiations to defeat a minority government that could end the 12-year reign of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister of the Jewish State. Yes.

Is Impossible simultaneous systemStraddles the political spectrum, from the far-left Meretz party to the centrist Yesh Atid-backed super-nationalist Yamina, who has already won 57 seats in a 120-seat Knesset. To establish a government beyond 61 seats, we also need the support of the Islamic Party Ra’am, which has 4 seats.

The self-proclaimed “peaceful transition” is confident that by Wednesday it will be able to convince President Reuven Rivlin to win a parliamentary vote and replace Israel’s longest-serving prime minister.

Former Defense Minister Naftali Bennett may replace Netanyahu. Bennett may replace Yesh Atid’s leader and former television host Yar Rapid. He put together a coalition in closed-door negotiations for weeks.

Formerly Netanyahu’s Chief of Staff, Bennett, 49, allocated a portfolio of potential cabinets with Rapid on Sunday night, and right-wing protesters gathered around the homes of him and other Yamina leaders. ..

Bennett’s political partner and possibly Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked, received special police protection after being threatened by the right.

The threat of constant violence against Netanyahu’s rivals was the main reason for his removal from the prime minister, Rapid said Tuesday. He added that Bennett, Sheikh, the Attorney General, the prosecutor alleging Netanyahu’s corruption, and several journalists are under police custody.

“We are all under threat of violence and murder,” Rapid said at an opposition meeting, admitting that the coalition faces “many obstacles.” If successful, Rapid continued. .. [hatred]Without lying, without always trying to instill fear. “

Prime Minister Netanyahu called the opposition alliance a “century fraud” and said it would undermine Israel.

“What it will be [this government] For Israeli deterrence? “How do you see the enemy’s eyes?” He said on Sunday night. “What do they do in Iran and Gaza? What do they say at the Washington Government building?”

Benjamin is idealistically opposed to the creation of a Palestinian state and was previously in conflict with Netanyahu. Violently advent to HamasAn extremist organization that controls the Gaza Strip.

He urged Israel to annex a large area of ​​the occupied West Bank and defended the expansion of the Israeli settlement, which most of the international community considers illegal.

Benjamin vowed to stay to the right of Netanyahu’s party Likud in his Sunday night speech. He used a Bible reference to an Israeli-controlled but Palestinian-seeking region. “This is not the government that transfers part of Israel’s country,” he said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Netanyahu is stepping up efforts to strip one member of the coalition, which governs with a majority of one seat, if the Islamic Party remains.

“There are also loyal Israelis in this left-wing opposition government that Rapid is making,” said one who was briefed by Netanyahu’s team on an overnight call to his opposition. “They are in danger to Israel. I am aware of sex. [that this government poses]”

An attack on Netanyahu’s Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing qualifications for the Israeli Muslim minority community, including Raam leader Mansour Abbas, with more money for police, hospitals and other citizens. Amenity that pressured him to reconsider his stated policy of supporting the Zionist government in exchange for material interests.

Abbas broke up with other Israeli political parties in an attempt to establish himself as a kingmaker after a stalemate in four elections since April 2019.

“He needs to think twice about what he’s trying to do,” said a member of an Arab rival party who didn’t want to join the coalition. “Do you think it’s okay to replace Netanyahu with Bennett?”

If Bennett and Rapid succeed in coalition, Knesset will vote to establish power by mid-next week. If unsuccessful, Israel will face a fifth election in just over two years.

Netanyahu’s rivals compete for final bid to take his place

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