Nets 109, Celtics 104: Balanced Brooklyn Outraces Boston – Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts 2021-05-11 23:12:40 –

Brooklyn Nets took first place at the Eastern Conference and filled the box score line with an all-handed, all-round performance.

By defeating the Boston Celtics 109-104, the Nets improved to 40-20, leading the half-game ahead of the Philadelphia 76ers in the first seed race of the Eastern Conference playoffs.

“I can’t win without it. That’s why we’re in our current position because we have 33 different starting members and different combinations of rotations on the floor. Steve Nash, head coach of Nets. “So every night you have to be someone who not only has the opportunity to step up, but also fits what we want to do. It’s the spirit of the group and picking up each other. I think it speaks to the willingness to try and to worry about the group rather than worrying about myself. It was great and it was a good performance. (DeAndre Jordan) was great. Bruce (Brown) had a foul trouble, but as always he did a lot of great things for us. Immediately everyone played for us. . “

It wasn’t the strongest shooting night for the NBA’s second attack, but Nets made up for it entirely.

Let’s start with Kyrie Irving, who had a double-double with 15 points and 11 assists. I’m shy about 9 rebounds and 4 steal triple-doubles.

“Kentucky stole some and helped,” Nash said. “It wasn’t his typical scoring night, but only a few when he didn’t win the ball at a prolific rate. But he definitely defensively interfered with the basketball game. And overall, he’s got a lot of attention. He thought he was great in many ways from what we’re used to, and I thought his teammates really welcomed him. It was. “

“As a competitor, I was just going out there and trying to do small things, small things, pick up a guy, or just be in the right place,” Irving said. “When the attacker had no legs, I felt like I was where I wanted to go. Some angles, right, left, short, this just keeps playing, keeps that spirit, and the next It’s a play, you can influence your teammates at both ends of the floor and play right. If you have teammates in the right place and they also play that role, this is a simple game. “

Brown scored double-doubles in a row, scoring 15 points with a 7-8 shot and recording eight rebounds. Jordan was his own double-double basket shy with 8 points and 11 rebounds, plus 3 blocks and 3 assists.

Joe Harris led Brooklyn with 20 points, scoring 3 points 4-7 with 4 rebounds and 3 assists. Jeff Green scored 19 points. With 13 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists, Blake Griffin was becoming a familiar sight in the box score, while Nets was the team’s best plus 20 in 23 minutes.

“Anyone who comes in will contribute,” Brown said. “We’re always ready. The next person will increase our mentality. Kentucky couldn’t score tonight, so others had to step up and help him. He did great things everywhere else. He helped us defensively because I think he stole it three, four or five times. Everyone needed it tonight. “

The Nets scored 20 points in the Celtics’ 19 turnovers, scored 12 steals in the season’s best 1 shy, and soared to the season’s best 32 fast break points.

“I think I’ve turned it over tonight,” Nash said. “Our break started as they recorded 19 sales. But we want to run. It’s a good sign because we want to push the ball. Many defensive activities. We made a significant percentage of our mistakes, but we made up for them with our activities and got a lot of balls, deflections, etc., which started our break. “

The second-quarter scoring explosion turned the game around for Brooklyn after Nets dragged 25-21 at the end of the first quarter. Nets took off 12-0 after Payton Pritchard raised the Celtics to 28-21 with three pointers to open the quarter.

After Harris’ three pointers started it and Griffin scored internally, Brown raised seven straight points, capped with three pointers and raised Nets to 33-28 at just 2:30 in the second quarter. .. Nets extended it to an 18-3 run after taking a 39-31 lead with three points from Green and Griffin.

Nets led 47-41, Green made two free throws and Irving assisted three straight baskets. A long pass from Brown’s transition layup, Rob to Jordan for a dunk, and Boston turnover for a transition dunk to Landry Shamet. 55-41 leads. Brooklyn was still 14 after the Green 3 pointer reached 60-46, leading 60-51 in half-time after making a 7-of-11 3 pointer in the second quarter of 39 points. Did.

Boston closed Brooklyn’s lead to 6 points in the third quarter, but Nets beat the Celtics 12-3 to close the quarter. Harris scored three points in a row with an 86-70 lead when the Nets scored 76-70, Harris scored two free throws, and Brooklyn continued the 88-73 lead in the fourth quarter. I got it.

Nets led 98-84, Boston scored 11 straights, including three 3-pointers, and was within 98-95 with 3:30 remaining. Harris answered with three pointers, and Green threw a transition dunk to bring Nets back to 103-95. Boston’s Jayson Tatum converted his 3-point play and made a one-on-two free throw with 30.6 seconds remaining to bring Brooklyn’s lead back to four points. Shamet made two free throws with 26.0 seconds remaining, raising the net to 105-99.

“We are resilient. No matter who is on the floor, we go out and fight,” Green said. “We try to do what we need at night to find a way to win W, and we’ve done it all season, no matter who is on the court. It gives the coach confidence. Participate in the game, especially when everyone comes back. So it was great, it was great. What many are getting is for when we need it It will grow at once. “

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