Nev Schulman, wife Laura Perlongo welcomes third baby

Round 3! Nev Schulman When Laura PerlongoThe third child arrived on Saturday, September 25th.

35-year-old Perlongo first announced the news with his photo Embrace the baby for the first time..

36-year-old Schulman shared his video of kissing a newborn boy an hour later. “Happy birthday little guy,” he captioned. Sweet clips..

Nev Schulman shared a video shot shortly after the birth of his third child. Nev Schulman / Instagram

NS Catfish: TV Show Star Announced his wife’s pregnancy news In April, I took pictures of myself and my children (Cleo (4 years old) and Bo (2 years old)) and pulled up my shirt to show my bare stomach.

“We’re pregnant !!!” New York natives captioned the ridiculous social media uploads of the time. “Number. 3. # HatTrick.”

Perlongo commented: Hahahahaha. Then she posted to her account: Haha, we were very excited. I can’t wait to share all the love and chaos this spring / summer. … Three! ?? !! Gahhhh This will be wildddd. I wish you good luck. “

In 2016, when Cleo arrived, the couple became parents, and Bo was born 3 years later.

In September 2020, Schulman exclusively shared future family planning We weekly, “I’m just I want another For her to love and for us to giggle. The more it is, the more fun it is. “

NS Dance with the stars At that time, alum called Perlongo’s parenting “very fun.” “Honestly, I know every mom is the best mom in the world, but my greatest pleasure is to see Laura with the kids. She’s so nice and they’re so lucky. So you can spend time with her. They are really very happy and very loved. “

Schulman said exclusively We A few months before that Ideal for 3 children.. “I was one of two [kids] When [Laura] One of the three, she loves to have two siblings and still does. ” Real life The author explained in January 2020. I think that’s the number. “

Nev Schulman and wife Laura Perlongo welcome a third baby

Laura Perlongo, Nev Schulman, Cleo, Bo Nev Schulman / Instagram Courtesy

The couple continued to record after announcing the third pregnancy of a Massachusetts native. Advances in her baby bumps From Little Mermaid costumes to beach trips via Instagram.

Perlongo subtly shared the gender of baby # 3 in May, explaining how Cleo, who “suspiciously knows”, behaved early in her mother’s pregnancy.

“In those early weeks, she strangely brought me a blanket, a glass of water, and Clementine. She didn’t mention anything about the baby and just kept taking care of me.” And a Boston University graduate capped the Instagram upload at the time. “I wasn’t always excited when I found out that I had another boy (oh, that’s a boy!). It’s embarrassing to admit. Cleo has been begging his sister for years. Was …. When the time came, I took a deep breath, and she was perfectly fine! She immediately named him “Baby Cute Cute”, and that was it. My teammate! My muse! My honor Doula! “

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Nev Schulman, wife Laura Perlongo welcomes third baby

Source link Nev Schulman, wife Laura Perlongo welcomes third baby

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