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Nevada Health Response says people can start singing karaoke again or performing at open microphone events – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-04-08 19:13:57 –

Carson City (KTNV) — In response to a request from Governor Steve Sisorak to review and evaluate restrictions related to karaoke songs and open mic events, the Governor’s Medical Advisory Team (MAT) enables these activities. I have submitted new recommendations. Implement certain mitigations and resume.

The state has issued new guidance in line with MAT recommendations.

Guidance includes the minimum required distance of at least 12 feet between the singer and others. In addition, karaoke gatherings, whether the event space is open to the public or in private rooms, exceed 50% of the Fire Service Act’s capacity at a social distance until mitigation authority is transferred to the county. It must not, and then the county capacity rules apply. Apply.

In addition, those who are not actively singing, eating or drinking should always cover their faces.

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Companies also need to keep the microphone cover in stock and replace and dispose of the microphone cover after use and between parties in private rooms.

The new guidance will take effect immediately.A copy of the guidance is attached to this email and can be found here.

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