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Nevada law enforcement cracks down on boating under the influence this Independence Day weekend – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2022-07-02 19:15:08 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) – Law enforcement agencies around Nevada will be more vigilant this Independence Day weekend. Crack down on sailors who operate vessels under the influence.

Enhanced Enforcement is part of Operation Dry Water, a nationally coordinated, enhanced awareness and enforcement campaign.

July 2-4 is the weekend of Operation Dry Water. This is a national weekend of outreach, education, and coordinated enforcement expansion of recreational boats surrounding affected boats.

The Nevada Wildlife Service (NDOW) enjoys this boat season and puts it on the boat to keep everyone safe by avoiding drinking alcohol on the water or manipulating the boat after consuming alcohol. I am calling on the rider.

In addition to boating under the influence, low water levels and strong winds on Lake Mead also pose a danger to boaters. The reason for staying calm while operating a ship during this holiday season is even more so.

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