Never understand tesla fans

Yesterday, I became Musked *.

I think Cybertruck sells well at first, but I wrote an editorial about what I don’t think will sell in the long run. I said it might be the first real flop from Tesla.

Perhaps as expected, it caused a great deal of turmoil among company fans on Twitter.

We were rewarded by a legacy OEM for being acquired by the OEM who hosted my supper the night Cybertruck was announced (not true, anyone who regularly reads this site). I know they are critical). (I provided a color / background anecdote, the supper had nothing to do with my opinion on the truck), so I wasn’t invited to launch the truck because it was bitter (I’m angry about it) I didn’t) OEM (I don’t because it’s unethical to knowingly own OEM stocks; I can’t see any stocks I have in my retirement and investment accounts), And all other kinds of things.

I was even accused of writing “Clickbait”. a) Please read all published articles, b) Please also expect that holding opinions is not mutually exclusive and may result in clicks. It’s perfectly fine to expect a take to get attention. It is not a violation of journalism ethics. It’s not the ironic play of clicks.

I think even Elon Musk himself retweeted or subtweet the work.

All this confusion over predictions.

I didn’t say you shouldn’t buy Cybertruck. Unless I offered a comparison of Tesla and competitor specs and prices, I wouldn’t buy without pushing things forward. That was not the purpose of the work. I said the truck is ugly, and based on what we know about it, I don’t think it’s more useful in terms of practicality than competition. that’s it.

Still, TTAC’s Twitter was crowded. Flocked, I tell you. Again, it’s beyond expectations. Made by one car journalist. Many ones.

I have never seen anything like that. If you say that Ford Bronco, Ford Maverick, Chevrolet Corvette C8, and Ford Lightning will drive sales, you can’t imagine a one-tenth response.

I’m not complaining, please keep in mind. There was a click and the response from Tesla fans was great, but I wasn’t really harassed by either my TTAC account or my personal Twitter account (of course, if I wasn’t straight, how would that be? I know it was different, but a white man).

But I’m amused that mere forecasting can stir Stan to that level. If that’s me and the writer predicted that the car I’m excited about would flop, I would certainly be frustrated. But then I continue my life. I haven’t invested too much in one company or product (in terms of personality and / or financial interests).

For clarity, I don’t care about those who have actually raised a legitimate and valid argument as to why I am wrong. The overall point of writing an opinion piece is to facilitate conversations, provoke thoughts, and stir up discussions (clicks are a great side benefit). If I’m going to discuss something, I expect pushback, and as long as it’s intellectually honest and rational, it’s all good.

And to be fair, I sometimes didn’t understand my argument as deeply as I did — I wanted to keep the part concise.

But what’s confusing to me is the level of Vitriol against what one man sitting in front of the laptop finally guessed. It’s like being a Chicago Bears fan and wanting to go to Twitter and call ESPN’s hair specialist a crazy Moron. He says the team can only win three games this year.

Yeah, you may disagree, and maybe his view is bad, but it’s worth getting It Did you fire?

Many Tesla fans seem to think I would be upset if I was wrong. Well, I won’t. If Cybertruck is a sales hit and keeps hitting, there is no skin on my back. If you make a mistake, you won’t be fired. I won’t lose sleep with it. The worst thing is that some people spend too much time on me on Twitter. I can handle it.

If I never fall asleep about whether a non-interested car will hurt sales, why are Tesla fans, especially those who have no financial interest in the company, worried Are you there? Do journalists predict?

* I wish I could be credited with “Musk”, but it was from another journalist I know.

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Never understand tesla fans

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