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New! 2021 Pride Festival and Parade to be held at Scissortail Park in June – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2021-03-13 02:00:54 –

Since its small informal beginning decades ago, annual pride festivals and parades have been held along Northwest 39th Avenue.

However, the Oklahoma City Pride Alliance (OKCPA) announced on Friday that the 2021 Pride Festival and Parade will be held for the first time in downtown Scissortail Park.

The first Downtown Pride Festival & Parade at Scissortail Park will be from June 25-27, 2021.

The parade begins in West Sheridan, North Charter, and turns south into Hudson. Head south on Hudson and end at Scissortail Park.


Reigniting the festival will be a time of deep emotion for those who have found great significance in the festival and Pride Week.

In 2020, all activities were suspended due to a deadly pandemic that raged. It was a serious disappointment after Pride Week increased the legitimacy of metro life as well as the number of participants.

In 2019, the year before, OKC Mayor David Holt was the first mayor in the city’s history to declare Pride Week as an official emphasis on Oklahoma City. This was also the first time the mayor had participated in the OKC Pride Parade.

Also, before the parade weekend, it was a week of new public events, primarily film and discussion, in addition to traditional private parties and private events held over the last few years.

You can know more: Mayor Holt’s first series where OKC Pride Week begins at the ceremony

2019 Pride Week was also the first time for Free Press to cover the announcement ceremony and most public events, in addition to the parade that it has covered since its launch in January 2017.

With scissors at the center, Mayor David Holt is preparing to cut the ribbon at 2019 OKC Pride Week. (Bret Dickerson / Oklahoma City Free Press)

Historical event

“The move to downtown, especially Scissortail Park, is a historic step forward for the city and we can celebrate LGBTQ2S + on the city’s main stage,” said Hannah Royce, President of OKCPA.

“The scissortail park motto is a park that everyone can enjoy, and anyone who knows the history of Oklahoma City’s LGBTQ2S + will remember that Oklahoma City’s original gay bar was in downtown. This move symbolizes returning to our roots and betting our claims on the center of the city. “

Park staff have been involved with OKCPA in making arrangements.

“We welcome the Pride Festival to Scissortail Park and look forward to all the fun and festivals it brings to the park and downtown,” said Maureen Hefernan, CEO of countless botanical gardens and scissortail parks.

stay tuned

The OKC Pride Alliance will share additional details about the upcoming festival from late March to spring, including volunteers, parade participants, and recruitment of festival vendors. To stay up to date on the latest announcements surrounding the 2021 Pride Festival & Parade, follow the OKC Pride Alliance on social media and visit: www.oklahomacitypride.org..

About the OKC Pride Alliance

The Oklahoma City Pride Alliance is a community-run 501 (c) (3) duty-free organization that hosts, inspires and educates the annual #OKCPrideFest and Parade, #OKCPrideWeek, and city-wide LGBTQ2S + Pride events. And celebrate and celebrate the diverse communities of our city. Media contacts: [email protected]

About scissor tail park

An urban oasis, Scissortail Park is a 70-acre gathering place in the heart of the city. From the beginning of the MAPS3 concept, the park’s goal was to find a large and diverse audience with different functions and landscape types. Thirty acres north of the park will be the venue for the first ever downtown Pride Festival.

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New! 2021 Pride Festival and Parade to be held at Scissortail Park in June Source link New! 2021 Pride Festival and Parade to be held at Scissortail Park in June

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