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New $74 million substation planned to power city drainage and water pumps – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-06-16 15:06:09 –

After years of problems trying to reliably power New Orleans’ critical drainage and water pumps, the Sewerage and Water Commission has powered the entire system primarily from Entertainment New Orleans. I am planning to switch to work with. About the dilapidated internal generator.

The $ 74 million project underway for years still needs to go through some regulatory circles before it can be realized. But if everything goes according to plan, it is expected to be completed in time for the 2023 hurricane season. Details of the project will be announced at the City Council Committee on Tuesday, June 21, according to city council member Joe Jarussso.

New Orleans City, Sewerage and Water Department, Enter G New Orleans officials, and members of the city council announced their joint plans at a press conference Wednesday.

“This project is certainly one of the administration’s greatest infrastructure achievements,” said Mayor LaToya Cantrell.

Reliable electricity is one of the most important issues that plagues the Sewerage and Water Department. When power is lost to the city’s water pumps, boiling recommendations can occur as follows: Happened in may.. The loss of power to the city’s drainage pumps increases the city’s risk of serious flooding.

The latter issue has become a clear focus for many inhabitants 2017, When a series of failures and rampant floods at the Sewerage and Water Department led to a widespread call for change. Since then, city officials have been working on a review of the system.

The plan announced on Wednesday is to build an entertainment substation at the main Carolton water and sewage power plant of the Sewerage and Water Department. The Carrollton plant is already connected to Enter G’s local power grid. However, the new substation will be powered directly from the local transmission system.

The majority of power outages in New Orleans are due to failures in the local power distribution system (the utility poles and wires on all streets). When the Sewerage and Water Department loses power from Enter G, it has to rely on its own generators. It experiences constant breakdowns and power outages, repeating the city and unable to completely power the pump.

Transmission systems, on the other hand, supply large amounts of power to distribution systems and are generally much more tolerant of storms and other routine outages. At the new substation, the main power sent to the Sewerage and Water Department comes from Enter G, without the need for a relatively unreliable distribution system.

Gassan Coban, director of sewerage and water services, said that some of the company’s turbines and connections to the Entergy distribution system would be maintained as redundant power supplies. Coban said all existing turbines will eventually be discontinued, with the exception of the latest turbine 6, which was acquired in 2013.

The Sewerage and Water Department will continue its plans to acquire an additional generator, Turbine 7. Mr. Coban said the new turbine will be maintained even after the substation is built with Turbine 6.

For years, authorities have overwhelmingly agreed that a new substation needs to be built at the Carrollton plant. The disagreement between the city council and Entergy on new substation payment methods has upset previous proposals. According to The Times-Picayune / New Orleans Advocate.

However, it seems that they are currently in principle agreeing on how to fund the project.

$ 74 million comes from three different sources. The first $ 34 million investment in building a substation comes from Entergy. The Sewerage and Water Department will then reimburse Entergy for the investment over time.

Authorities said the investment should not affect the bills of energy and sewerage and water department customers. According to Corban, the new substation will save $ 5 to $ 6 million annually in maintenance of generator fuel and aging turbines. These savings will be used to pay for Entergy at the substation.

The second tranche to integrate the substation with the Carrollton plant will be $ 20 million in state capital expenditures.

And finally, the city clears $ 20 million from its budget to install a “frequency changer.” Some New Orleans pumps require an outdated type of electricity that is rarely used today, unlike the form of electricity that Entergy offers. A “frequency converter” allows electricity from Entergy to power those older pumps.

Ramsey Green, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Infrastructure at Cantrell, said $ 20 million was due to bond issuance. 2019 Orleans Parish Voter approved A ballot that allowed the city to issue up to $ 500 million in public debt for the city’s infrastructure. Mr Green said the city is about to issue more than $ 300 million in bonds this year.

New $74 million substation planned to power city drainage and water pumps Source link New $74 million substation planned to power city drainage and water pumps

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