New body cam law will standardize law enforcement operations across the state – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-09-07 16:43:28 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — September 1, “Bo’s LawHas come into effect in Texas. The law is named after Bosam Jean, who was killed in an apartment in 2018 by off-duty police officer Amber Guiger.

Part of the law requires police officers throughout the state to turn on their body cameras whenever they conduct an investigation. In some local agencies, such as the Bishop Police Station, police officers already had to wear body cameras, so the law does not change the way police stations operate.

“Our policies and procedures remain the same. This new law does not change anything at our agency. What it does is that all agencies refer to their own policies and procedures. Instead of doing it, I think it’s a rationalization now that it’s a full-fledged law where all institutions have the same guidelines, “said Edward Day, chief of the Bishop’s Police Department.

According to Day, BPD has a body camera policy for about four years. He also said that body cameras serve as “extra eyes” and are useful for police officers.

“When you go to the courtroom with the jury, the jury can see what the policeman is actually seeing. It’s not just the policeman’s testimony, but a direct explanation of what actually happened on the scene. Therefore, it helps prosecute the case and helps jury officers to complain. If someone knows they are recorded, they say something that hasn’t really happened has happened. Or, if an accusation is made, investigators in the department can refer to the officer’s bodycam to see what really happened, “he said.

Day said that body cameras are an integral part of today’s era. He also said that the wording of the law is broad about what the investigation is, but officers will have to wear a body camera for much of what they do.

“What police officers are doing while acting as police officers is not consensual and can lead to criminal accusations and will be an investigation,” he said.

This year’s BPD uses a body camera, and Day said he was being actively watched by executives.

“Overall, that’s an advantage. I haven’t personally seen officers who discourage the use of body cameras. It helps them, protects them, and makes them better at their jobs. It makes it possible, and I think it helps prosecution, “he said.

New body cam law will standardize law enforcement operations across the state Source link New body cam law will standardize law enforcement operations across the state

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