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Honolulu (KHON2) — Life can be a challenge today as we strive to find its normality in our daily lives, not to mention taking care of our furry friends.

Want to find a lifestyle designed with puppies in mind?

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I’m in Kakaako’s Paradise Spaps Hawaii, a new dog daycare that just opened in August.

For more information, I’m with the owner Anna Salazar.

What does Paradise Pups Hawaii offer?

“We currently offer dog day care and boarding, and by the end of the year we also offer dog grooming,” said Salazar.

What makes you unique and special in the care of the other day?

“We see our customers as a family, and we see puppies, loved ones, and babies alike, so we want to say different,” Salazar said.

“As you know, we want to cater to them in a way that the owners care about them.”

What are the benefits of leaving them in your day care when the owner and the puppy have been together for a long time during the COVID pandemic but are leaving them in day care when they come back there? Is it?

“Puppies of all kinds have many advantages,” said Salazar.

“If they are anxious, we are there to love them and meet their constant needs. If they have a lot of energy, we are with them 24 hours a year. We’re there to play 24/7. If someone just needs to watch over them, we’re there for them too. “

And when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, congratulations on starting a brand new business in the midst of a pandemic.

How did that happen, and where did you come from to guide you to this place now?

“So I came from five years of dog day care experience,” Salazar said.

“So I thought I was going to move on. But someone offered to help me make my little baby. And I’m okay, why wasn’t it? I love what I do and this is what I wanted to do. So I just went for it and now we are here. “

Paradise Pups Hawaii is open daily except Sundays.

If you are interested in bringing your puppy here, there is a pick-up process to make sure this day care is perfect for your puppy.

Of course, day care and boarding will soon be groomed.

In addition, it is directly opposite Kakaako Pet Hospital.

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New cage-free doggy daycare in Kaka’ako Source link New cage-free doggy daycare in Kaka’ako

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