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Fresno, California 2021-09-16 15:26:58 –

Islip, NY-One of the many ways Melissa Gallardo was calm at the peak of the pandemic was to light some of her favorite candles.

Soon she turned on so much light that she decided to make her own candle.

“I think it just created this atmosphere of peace,” Gallardo said of dressing in candles.

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Gallardo soon realized that the home fragrance industry lacked a Latin American representative.

Gallardo set about creating her brand, Bonita Fierce CandleMake premium candles inspired by Latin heritage and homes.

Bonita Fierce Candles shares “lacultura” or culture with people around the world using clean ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

Her mission statement aims to represent the cultural crossroads of Latina and being American.

“Many of the scents I have are based on the culture of the family in which I grew up,” Gallardo said. “My best-selling aroma is Cafe Con Leche. Everyone knows the aroma of beautiful coffee in the morning. It’s what I really grew up with and many other Latin Americans and their respective coffees and cultures. I feel that I grew up with him. “

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Her characteristic scent “Azcar” Inspired by Queen Salsa Celia Cruz to “Muchoa Mall” inspired by the famous Puerto Rican astrologer Walter Mercado.

“I really like the universality of my brand,” Gallardo said. “You don’t have to be Latino, Latino, Latino to love and accept culture. All the scents I have are representative of Latino, but also something that everyone else can love. “


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New candlemaker lights up business with Latinx-inspired scents Source link New candlemaker lights up business with Latinx-inspired scents

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