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New changes to reporting COVID-19 data announced as Gov. Stitt’s State of Emergency ends – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2021-05-04 23:05:56 –

Oklahoma City (KFOR) – Governor Kevin Stitt’s COVID-19 Executive Order expires today, Tuesday, May 4, removing all state-level coronavirus-related restrictions and requirements, and how states can report COVID-19 data. Has changed.

The Oklahoma Department of Health issued a news release on Tuesday explaining changes in the way COVID-19 data will be reported in the light of the end of Stitt’s state of emergency.

“Vaccine distribution and state-wide efforts by Oklahoman have continued to reduce cases and the spread of COVID-19 has begun to slow. Case numbers and hospitalizations are at sustained and consistently manageable levels. So we’re approaching the “new normal” we’ve been working on for a long time, “said Dr. Lance Fry, Health Commissioner. “But we’re not ready to take the winning lap yet. We should do it to protect ourselves and others from the COVID-19 epidemic, including new variants, while we’re out of an emergency. I still have all Oklahoman to track 3 Ws (wear masks, wash hands, monitor distance) in public and vaccinate more people I urge you to pay attention. “

OSDH will change the way some COVID-19 data is reported and tracked. This is stated in a news release, “because the authority of the agency to require providers to report certain data expires with an executive order.”

A summary of the following changes was included in the news release.

• The agency will stop releasing regular Executive Order reports
– The data contained in the Executive Order report that is still being collected will be released in daily status updates instead.
– The Bed & PPE dashboard on the Executive Order Report web page will no longer be updated and will eventually be pulled down.
• Situation Update will continue to report:
– New cases and 7-day average case
– Current hospitalized HHS ICU number
– If necessary, OSDH reports positive with positive and negative test results
• The Weekly Epidemiology Report continues, including:
– OSDH case investigation death, weekly update
– Positive rate from data reported by OSDH Electronic Labs (note that the use of new data sources can increase the positive rate)
– Current hospitalization data from HHS report
– Topics / data will be added as needed.For example, variant surveillance
– Cumulative antibody test positives will be removed
– All other existing content in the report remains the same
• OSDH may suspend publication of Hospital Surge Tier Report
• Alert maps that include county risk level trends change
– Level 4 is based on staffed bed availability options and will no longer be tracked in the dashboard when the EO expires.
– OSDH will provide more detailed updates on this during the final decision
• Active case calculations are updated 14 days after sample collection or onset of symptoms
– OSDH removes currently hospitalized criteria that were part of the original calculation
• Recovered cases will be removed from the data dashboard

“We continue to provide accurate and accessible COVID-19 data and continue to inform the people of Oklahoma,” said state epidemiologist Jorian Stone. “Data remains accessible from the oklahoma.gov / 19 dashboard and we are closely tracking important information to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team continues to monitor trends and concerns. Warn Oklahoma if things start to happen again. “

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New changes to reporting COVID-19 data announced as Gov. Stitt’s State of Emergency ends Source link New changes to reporting COVID-19 data announced as Gov. Stitt’s State of Emergency ends

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