New Community Safety Department may be headquartered in SE Albuquerque – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-01-14 19:33:26 –

The Kathryn Public Security Center is one of many projects that the mayor has in mind for 2021 general obligation bonds. The project costs $ 7 million.

The $ 140 million package will fund a number of projects and infrastructure improvements, including $ 9 million for the refurbishment and expansion of Southeastern Regional Command.

“We need to plan for the future, invest in the community, etc. We can’t put them off just because we’re at stake,” Keller said.

Recommendations will be sent to the city council and eventually to voters in November.

If you pass, the tax will not be increased.

Highlights of the 2021 GO Bond Proposal Project:

  • $ 28.4 million at Albuquerque Police Station and Albuquerque Fire Department
    • Large-scale investment in Southeastern Regional Command-9 million dollars
    • Repair of new vehicle and necessary facilities for APD-$ 2 million
    • Build Fire Department 12 to Increase Response Time in International District-4 Million Dollars
    • SE Regional Public Safety Center-$ 7 Million
  • $ 25 million to improve roads throughout Albuquerque
    • McMahon Boulevard NW Expansion-3 Million Dollars
    • City-wide median and interstate highway landscaping-$ 2.5 million
    • City-wide rainwater drainage improvement-$ 4.8 million
  • $ 17.3 Million to Strengthen City’s Efforts to Work on Homeless and Youth Programming
    • Strengthening Affordable Housing Options in the City-$ 3.3 Million
    • Westside Community Center Construction Phase II- $ 3.5 Million
    • Refurbishment required to get the gateway center on track-2 million dollars
  • $ 4.5 million to support the economic recovery of the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Continued Investment in Revitalizing Railyards-$ 2.5 Million
    • Improving Metropolitan Redevelopment in Historical Areas of the City-$ 2 Million
  • $ 16.4 Million Investment in Parks and Recreation
    • Wells Park “Walker” Property Buildout-4 Million Dollars
    • Golf Course Improvement-$ 1 Million
    • Development and refurbishment of community park facilities-$ 1.2 million
    • Indoor Sports Complex-$ 2.25 million
  • $ 7.7 million for libraries, museum facilities and historic buildings
    • Library Materials-$ 2.5 Million
    • KiMo Theater Modifications and Repairs-$ 500,000
    • Preservation of Historical Collections at the Albuquerque Museum-$ 875,000
  • $ 9 million to help older people in Albuquerque
    • Shibora Loop Multigenerational Center-6 Million Dollars
  • Art, open space, energy saving
    • Councilor Discretionary Fund- $ 9 Million
    • Energy Savings Program 3% -$ 4.2 Million
    • 2% of open space acquisition-$ 2.8 million
    • 1% of public art-$ 1.4 million

New Community Safety Department may be headquartered in SE Albuquerque Source link New Community Safety Department may be headquartered in SE Albuquerque

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