New COVID-19 case in Florida breaks daily record

Orlando, Florida (AP) — Florida reported 21,683 new cases of COVID-19, the highest daily total in the state since the start of the pandemic, as theme park resorts began asking visitors again. .. Wear a mask indoors.

The state has become the new national epicenter of the virus, accounting for about one-fifth of all new cases in the United States.

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Governor Ron DeSantis resisted compulsory masking obligations and vaccine requirements, and worked with the Legislature to limit the ability of local civil servants to impose restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19. Former President Donald Trump and Republican Desantis banned the school district from requiring students to wear masks when classes resume next month on Friday.

The latest figures were recorded on Friday and published on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website on Saturday. The numbers show how rapidly the number of cases is increasing in Sunshine. Only a day ago, Florida reported 17,093 new cases daily. The previous peak in Florida was 19,334 cases reported on January 7, before the availability of vaccination became widespread.

The Florida Hospital Association said Friday that state-wide COVID-19 hospitalizations were approaching last year’s peak, and Advent Health’s Central Florida division, one of the state’s largest health systems, is not urgent to release resources this week. For COVID-19 patients who advised not to have surgery.

On Saturday, Universal Orlando Resort and Sea World became Florida’s newest theme park resort, again asking visitors to wear masks indoors. Universal has also ordered employees to wear face covers to protect against the proliferation of COVID-19 throughout the state.

On Saturday, all workers at Universal’s Florida Park began to be required to wear masks indoors as employees returned to social distance practice. The Harry Potter and Despicable Me vehicle homes also urged visitors to follow federal and local health guidelines by voluntarily wearing face covers indoors.

“The health and safety of our guests and team members has always been our number one priority,” Universal said in a statement.

Health officials on Friday announced that cases of coronavirus in Florida have skyrocketed by 50% in the past week, and COVID-19 hospitalization in the state has approached its peak last year.

Sea World posted on its website on Saturday that it encourages visitors to wear face covers indoors in accordance with recently updated federal recommendations.

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This week’s policy change at theme park resorts took place after the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that everyone wear masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

Crosstown rival Walt Disney World began requiring employees and guests over the age of two to wear masks on Friday, which is a step further. Walt Disney Company.

In a statement, all US salary and non-union hourly employees working in the field need to be fully vaccinated.

Disney employees who have not yet been vaccinated must be vaccinated within 60 days, and employees working from home must present proof of vaccination before returning home. Disney said it was discussing vaccine requirements with the union, adding that all new employees would need to be fully vaccinated before they could start working for the company.

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New COVID-19 case in Florida breaks daily record

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