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Tucson, Arizona 2021-11-30 08:45:00 –

Washington-President Joe Biden tried to reassure Americans about the latest COVID-19 mutant on Monday, describing it as “a cause of concern, not a cause of panic.”

Biden did not announce a new travel ban or other federal action in a brief statement from the White House.

Instead, he urged Americans to take booster shots to boost their immunity to COVID-19. And wait patiently while scientists collect more data on exactly what the new Omicron variants mean.

“We have the best vaccines, the best medicines, the best scientists in the world, and we are learning more every day,” Biden said. “We fight this variant with scientific and knowledgeable action and speed, not turmoil or turmoil.”

The White House is already Travel was restricted From eight countries, including South Africa, where the new variant was first identified.

Other countries Travel is also restricted Cases containing new variants have been detected in more and more countries, including Canada and parts of Europe.

So far, US public health officials have stated that they believe that the current COVID-19 vaccine provides protection against new variants. However, it can take weeks to collect data on how mutations in new variants facilitate transmission and cause more serious illnesses.

Mr Biden said he would share the information gathered by his administration “frankly and quickly.” He also confirmed that the best health authorities are working with three licensed vaccine manufacturers to prepare for the need to fine-tune the product to adapt to the variant. Said that.

The president also said Thursday that he would announce a detailed strategy to combat the COVID-19 pandemic during the winter, including broader vaccination, boost immunization, and testing.

“We have made progress in the face of delta variants,” said Biden, who mentioned the variants that caused the outbreak of infection in the summer. “And we are now moving forward in the face of Omicron variants.”

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New COVID-19 omicron variant ‘not a cause for panic,’ Biden says | Health Source link New COVID-19 omicron variant ‘not a cause for panic,’ Biden says | Health

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