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New COVID cases exceeded 100K mark in the US after 6 months

new coronavirus Infectious diseases in the United States exceeded 100,000 after a gap of nearly six months.

According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, the national total increased to 35,131,467 with the recent unprecedented 127976 cases reported on Monday.

The unusually high prices on Mondays may be due to the addition of weekend backlogs due to report delays. However, this is the highest daily value recorded since February 5th.

According to data analyzed by the New York Times, the seven-day average more than quadrupled to 85866 on Monday, compared to the average of more than 20,000 cases reported on July 2. This is the highest weekly average recorded since February 12, showing an increase of 142 percent in two weeks.

CDC director Rochelle Walensky said this was higher than last summer’s peak.

In Japan, the number of people hospitalized due to coronavirus infection is increasing significantly. That number increased to 46,447, an increase of 83% in two weeks. According to the CDC, the average 7-day hospital stay is about 6,200 per day, an increase of about 41 percent over the previous 7 days.

The seven-day average of deaths per day also increased to 300 per day. This is an increase of more than 25% over the previous 7 days.

The additional 452 casualties recorded on Monday brought COVID casualties nationwide to 613,679.

California reported the most cases (25448) and most COVID-related deaths (121).

As of August 2, more than 191.8 million people have been vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine at least once.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 164.9 million people, or 49.7 percent of the US population, are fully vaccinated.

Over 80% of people over the age of 65 are vaccinated with both.

So far, a total of 29,717,537 people have recovered from the country’s illness.

The White House’s COVID-19 response team said they remained concerned about the continued increase in cases caused by the Delta subspecies, which is concentrated in areas with low vaccination rates. According to COVID-19 response coordinator Jeff Seienz, the seven states with the lowest vaccination rates account for only about 8.5% of the US population, but more than 17% of cases. And one-third of the cases nationwide occurred last week in Florida and Texas.

Zyentz said at a news conference that there are still about 90 million eligible Americans who have not been vaccinated, adding that the Biden administration is working with the state to encourage vaccination through incentives.

Companies such as Google, Walmart, and Disney have announced employee vaccination requirements and are participating in hundreds of university and hospital systems across the country that implement similar requirements.

“In the last few weeks, the average number of new people vaccinated daily has increased by nearly 70%,” he told reporters.

He said daily vaccination rates have more than doubled in states with the highest cases.

The CDC director said colonavius ​​infection with the delta mutant resulted in increased viral load. “These higher viral loads are found not only in unvaccinated and infected people, but, more importantly, in a small proportion of those who have been vaccinated and infected.”

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New COVID cases exceeded 100K mark in the US after 6 months

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