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New Covid cases in Arizona have increased by 21% in 2 weeks

Recently, the number of new coronavirus cases has steadily decreased in most of the United States, but in Arizona. It is an outlier..

The state has not been hit by another wave of viruses, but public health experts are worried about the steady increase in cases and hospitalizations. As of Monday, Arizona’s daily average has risen 21% in the last two weeks, the largest rise in the country during that period, coupled with Wyoming. At that time, only the three states of Washington, Oregon, and Missouri reported an increase of more than 10%.

The daily new number of cases in Arizona is 10 per 100,000, which is still below the national average of 15 per 100,000. In the last 14 days, federal health officials have suggested that the virus’s trajectory has improved, resulting in a 26% reduction in new coronavirus cases in the country and a 15% or more reduction in 28 states. I did. New York Times Database..

Will Humble, former State Health Director, now Arizona Public Health AssociationThe increase in new cases may be due to several factors, including the spring influx of travelers and the prevalence of viral mutations first detected in the United Kingdom. Variant B.1.1.7. Is Improved transmission rate..

Humble said the increase in Arizona is unlikely to result in a substantial increase in deaths, which is declining in the state. Most older people and others in states at high risk of severe illness have already been vaccinated, but new cases are predominantly in their 20s, 30s and 40s, with milder cases. He said it was likely.

Humble said the increase in cases had “a completely different public health impact” than it did a few months ago, when far fewer people were vaccinated.

“I haven’t had the deadly experience of December, January and February,” Humble said. Still, “there was a marked uptrend in the general ward and ICU,” he said.

Arizona was slow to set limits Last summer, the number of cases surged and the intensive care unit was almost full, so we were able to get rid of them quickly. More than a month From early June to mid-JulyThe state reported the highest rate of new cases in the country compared to its size, reaching a peak of 3,800 per day.

To January, arizona Again, for some time, the proportion of new cases daily was the highest. At one point, the average daily average was over 8,000, more than double the summer peak.

Governor Doug Ducey Signed an executive order In March, all Covid-19 restrictions in the state were lifted, banning local governments from imposing mask obligations.

Mr Humble said policies may have left Arizona more vulnerable. “There was no mitigation here, and there weren’t months,” he said.

About 41 percent of Arizona They have been vaccinated for the first time and 30% are fully vaccinated, just below the national average. However, the situation is quite different in some parts of the state. As of Monday, three of Arizona’s 15 counties have vaccinated more than 40% of their population, while six have vaccinated less than 30%.

Dr. Cara Christ, director of health at Arizona, told reporters last month that the first rush of vaccines was significantly delayed. “Vaccine reservations were snapped up as soon as they became available,” she said. “Now you can get same-day bookings on virtually every state site.”

New Covid cases in Arizona have increased by 21% in 2 weeks

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