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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-06-04 17:46:36 –

Rocky River, Ohio (WJW) — FOX 8 I-Team Revealed new information about. Unsolved murder in Cleveland Metropark..

Discovered on the 2nd anniversary of the day someone shot Kate Brown and Kernel Sledge In Rocky River Reservation.

On the second anniversary, police gathered at the scene for new hints.

And I learned that the signboards erected by the FBI and those erected by Kate Brown’s family are sparking new hints.

The bereaved families have reportedly complained about why the incident has not progressed for two years.

Young men and women were shot dead in the park during the daytime for no apparent reason.


We asked Metroparks Police Chief Katie Doran why he wouldn’t leave the case to an agency with more people and experience dealing with the murder case. Metropark police do not handle many violent felony crimes.

The Secretary noted that her police officers were trained and worked closely with the FBI and state agents.

“We have received over 100 tips and interviewed over 200 people over the last two years,” she says.

He also asked if police could give any indication to the public about what was excluded or what was determined to be possible. Can the police determine if the crime was targeted or something accidental?

The chief said, “We can’t. Everything is still open.”

Two years after the crime, police may be wondering if they can get really good information. Well, last weekend we showed you that Kate Brown’s family would put up a sign asking for hints, and after they increased, Crime Stopper gave us new information with new clues for investigation. Is said to have entered.

The FBI sign also reminds people on busy highways to pay a $ 100,000 bounty for information that could lead to arrest. The FBI states that they also generated calls.

Meanwhile, on Friday, Climb Stopper sued the murderer. Colonel Richard Macintosh said:
“Please appear. Go to the lawyer. Go to the police station. Lean out. Carry this on your back.”

Also on Friday, the victim’s friends and relatives Gather at the scene with memorable carnations Kate and kernel.

The family is eagerly hoping that the new tips will help resolve the case. Without justice, they cannot celebrate another anniversary.

Do you have any hints? Call the crime stopper at 216-252-7463. Or 877-FBI-OHIO’s FBI

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