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Boston, Massachusetts 2021-01-14 10:24:59 –

New details have begun to emerge about a 61-year-old New Hampshire man charged with a parliamentary riot last week.

Thomas Gallagher in Bridgewater, a town in central New Hampshire, was charged last week for illegal entry into the US Capitol.

The FBI Boston department said it had arrested Gallagher on Wednesday afternoon in an arrest warrant from the US District Court in the District of Columbia. He was detained without incident. This is the first arrest made by the FBI Boston Department in connection with the Capitol riots.

Gallagher knowingly enters or stays in restricted buildings or premises without legal authority, chaotic or violent entry on the premises of the Capitol, and disorder on the premises of the Capitol. He has been charged with intentionally involved in the act. He will make his first appearance at the US District Court in Concord, New Hampshire on Thursday at 1:00 pm.

He explained on January 6 that the court’s affidavit explained Gallagher’s particular role in the parliamentary riots and that lawmakers were set to vote to confirm the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. He states he was one of the people who entered the building.

Capitol police officer Joseph Bruno wrote that he was one of the police officers who responded to the turmoil involving “dozens” of people inside the US Capitol.

“Observe the crowd moving together in a chaotic manner, with members of the crowd making loud noises, kicking chairs, throwing unknown liquid material at officers, and spraying unknown material on officers. I observed that, “he said. Said.

In a White House video released after the House of Representatives resolved to impeach President Donald Trump again on Wednesday, Trump said he accused him of violence in the US Capitol riots. “I want to be very clear,” Trump said. “I clearly condemn the violence I saw last week. Violence and vandalism have absolutely no place in our country, nor in our movement.”

According to Bruno, Gallagher is one of a group of six people placed in front of a crowd on the upper floors of the US Capitol Visitor Center near the House Atrium door, close to US Capitol police officers. did.

He said Gallagher and five other individuals had “intentionally refused the order to leave.” They were then removed from the crowd, handcuffed and arrested.

Parliamentary police said last week that Massachusetts David Ross, 33, was also arrested on First Street near the Parliament for “curfew violations and illegal entry.” Los Angeles hometown is not listed. The mayor of Washington, DC has issued a curfew in the wake of the riots.

There are reports of many other New England residents who may have participated in the riots, but no additional charges have been announced.

Members of Natick’s town meeting are firing after a photo shows her inside the US Capitol.

Last week, US Capitol police officers said they faced thousands of individuals “engaged in violent riots” during the attack on the US Capitol.

They said individuals “aggressively attacked” Parliamentary police officers and other unified law enforcement agencies with metal pipes, released chemical stimulants and other weapons.

The violent mob overturned the US presidential election, undermined the country’s democracy, and hid legislators to prevent Joe Biden from replacing Donald Trump in the White House.

Elected representatives of the country crouched under the desk, scrambled to wear gas masks, and police tried to barricade the building in vain. This is one of the most unpleasant scenes in American political power. As a result, five people were killed, including a police officer in the Capitol.

The FBI is trying to identify individuals involved in inciting violence in Washington, DC. If you have tips or video evidence of the riots and violence in and around the US Capitol on January 6, visit / US Capitol.

New Details Emerge About NH Man Charged in Capitol Riot – NBC Boston Source link New Details Emerge About NH Man Charged in Capitol Riot – NBC Boston

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